Yeerongpilly station

Yeerongpilly station is one of six stations being rebuilt as part of the Cross River Rail Project.

Upgrading Yeerongpilly station will make the station easier to access and will improve connections to Fairfield Road.

Exterior view of Yeerongpilly station - concept image only, not final or for build

Yeerongpilly station upgrades

As part of the Cross River Rail Project, Yeerongpilly station will be rebuilt to improve access and functionality.

Station features

Features of the Yeerongpilly station include:

  • an additional third platform
  • an upgrade to the platform finish
  • provision for accessible car parking within the existing car park
  • provision for Kiss ‘n’ Ride car parking
  • a new canopy on the platform, to improve weather protection
  • improved access to the platforms.


Current status

Works are continuing including geotechnical investigations, survey, environmental monitoring and preparing the detailed design for construction.

Major construction at Yeerongpilly station is scheduled to start in June 2021.


If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: