Graeme Newton

Chief Executive Officer
Appointed 18 September 2017


Graeme Newton has 30 years’ experience as a senior executive in the infrastructure sector, leading large and complex, high profile, multi-billion dollar projects within the private and public sector.

His vast experience and industry expertise has seen him awarded both the National Award for Excellence and the QUT Outstanding Alumni Award. Graeme was appointed by the Queensland Premier in 2011 as the first Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.

Over the years, Graeme has worked in a range of infrastructure leadership roles including as Director-General for the Department of Infrastructure and Planning where he was a key decision maker for Queensland, leading major infrastructure, investments, planning and project delivery. In addition, he was appointed as Coordinator-General under the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (Qld) and has also worked for Deloitte Australia as Lead Partner for the Queensland Government.

In his current role as Chief Executive Officer of the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority, Graeme is leading the delivery of the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project. Cross River Rail will transform South East Queensland’s public transport network, and be the catalyst for up to $20 billion of economic development in and around the station precincts. This role involves extensive engagement with the rail and infrastructure sector, strategic policy advice, and high level commercial negotiations.

Graeme’s key strengths are in strategy, delivery, transformation and building high performing teams.

Governance and the Cross River Rail Delivery Board

Further to the Ministerial Direction available here, the Cross River Rail Delivery Board reports directly to the Minister responsible for Cross River Rail, the Honourable Mark Bailey MP.

The Cross River Rail Delivery Board

In line with the Cross River Rail Delivery Act 2016, membership of the Cross River Rail Delivery Board consists of the Director General for Department of Transport and Main Roads (lead agency responsible for Cross River Rail and Chair), the Director General for Department of the Premier & Cabinet and the Under Treasurer as representative of Queensland Treasury, as well as additional representatives who can be appointed on the recommendation of Government.

For more information on current board members, please contact The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority using our contact details.