Pimpama Station

Pimpama station will be delivered as part of the Cross River Rail New Gold Coast Stations program.

Major construction of Pimpama station is now underway.

To see what the final design of the new Pimpama station will look like once complete, use our online panorama tool.

An artist impression of the future Pimpama station

Concept only, not final for construction

Current status

Early Works – station access road and drainage

Construction of the new Pimpama station access road and associated drainage are being undertaken as an early works package. The works include a new signalised intersection at Bedford Road and the Old Pacific Highway, an access road into the station site, associated drainage works and connecting pedestrian and cycle pathways.

The new signalised intersection on Old Pacific Highway / Bedford Road is now operational. While major construction continues, the access into the station construction site will be restricted to construction access only and traffic controls will be in place to ensure the safe entry and exit of heavy vehicles.

Pimpama City shopping centre stage 3 is set to open in December 2023. The new access road will service the future Pimpama station and will be the main entry for Pimpama City stage 3. The entry will be fully operational for shopping centre customers.

Please see the map below for details on the design of the new intersection and station access road.

Map of furture Pimpama station and the intersection near it.

Major construction – final design and construction

ADCO Constructions have been awarded the contract to design and construct Pimpama Station. A site compound has been established and major construction activities are continuing both onsite and within the rail corridor.

The community will be kept updated as the station design is finalised

You can find out more information on the construction activities here.

Benefits for Pimpama

Pimpama station will provide the local community with greater access to convenient rail services; expanding options for easy travel within the Gold Coast, as well as to Brisbane.
Map of the new Pimpama station and it's features.

The new Pimpama station will include the following features:

1. Stage 1 – approximately 230 car parks
2. Stage 2 – provision for approximately 150 car parks (380 total)
3. Stage 3 – provision for approximately 200 car parks (580 total)
4. Lighting and CCTV throughout carpark and station
5. Five accessible car parks
6. Through-lift on each platform
7. Accessible kiss ‘n’ ride bays
8. Accessible taxi bays
9. Bus stops
10. Undercover lock-up enclosure for 40 bicycle
11. Planned connections to local pedestrian and cycle paths
12. Existing pedestrian connection
13. Station building and ticketing
14. Stairs connecting entry level to overpass
15. Pedestrian overpass
16. Bioretention (storm water) basin

The new Pimpama station will be located along the Old Pacific Highway between Bedford Road and Mebbin Street.

In response to strong community feedback, the project team are investigating options to include a pedestrian connection on the eastern side of the rail corridor in the final design and what additional funding would be required.

What’s next?

Major construction is now underway and ADCO Constructions are progressing works both onsite and within the rail corridor.

Early works are planned to be complete in late 2023 (weather and construction permitting). Once complete, the new signalised intersection will be operational and this section of the Old Pacific Highway and Bedford Road will fully reopen to the public.

Further studies are being undertaken including traffic management, hydrology, noise and environment assessments to further refine and finalise the design.

The community will be kept updated as the station design is finalised and will be notified of the construction program and activities well in advance of works commencing on site.

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