Work is underway on Brisbane's new underground

With major construction underway at all of Cross River Rail’s main station sites and multiple locations within in the rail corridor, our work sites are advancing on an almost weekly basis.

Around Our Work Sites

Work has continued across Cross River Rail worksites despite COVID-19, with implementation of appropriate social distancing measures and personal hygiene protocols at each worksite to ensure the safety of workers and the continued progress of the Project.

Here are a few updates from our worksites from August:

  • At Boggo Road, piling works are complete and works have continued on the station excavation.
  • At Woolloongabba, both of the roadheaders have tunnelled approximately 48 metres.
  • At Albert Street, demolition and piling works are now complete at Albert Street’s main station entrance. Excavation of the temporary access shaft and acoustic shed construction are also complete. Early works have commenced on the northern station entrance.
  • At Roma Street, the roadheader has tunnelled over 82 metres underground while above ground demolition is more than 70 per cent complete with all three buildings down to the local levels.
  • At Exhibition station, early construction works have begun and works are continuing along the rail corridor.
  • At Mayne Yard and the Project’s Northern Tunnel Portal, demolition works and earthworks have continued in the rail corridor.
  • At Fairfield station, early construction works have started as part of the Fairfield to Salisbury station upgrades.
  • Along the Shorncliffe line, early works have started for the new world-class signalling system being delivered as part of the Cross River Rail project.

Scroll through the galleries below to see just how much is already changing at some of our larger worksites.

Tunnelling has commenced

At our Roma Street site, a roadheader has been lowered into the access shaft and has already commenced tunnelling, as we begin excavation of the giant cavern that will ultimately form the new Roma Street underground station.

Five roadheaders will be used in total on the project and they will also dig the southern section Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels, running from Woolloongabba to Boggo Road.