Work is underway on Brisbane's new underground

With major construction now underway at all of Cross River Rail’s main station sites as well as multiple locations within in the rail corridor, our work sites are constantly evolving and changing.

Around Our Work Sites

With the implementation of appropriate social distancing measures and personal hygiene protocols at each worksite to ensure the safety of workers, work has been able to continue at all of our construction sites and we have been able to ensure continued progress of our Project.

Updates from around our worksites from September include:

  • At Boggo Road, large scale excavation works for the station box have continued and excavation is now nearly 60% complete.
  • At Woolloongabba, Roadheader TWO has tunnelled 90 metres north while Roadheader THREE has progressed 100 metres south. Preparations are continuing for the arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) in late 2020 and the first of two large tower cranes has been installed.
  • At Albert Street, Roadheader FIVE has started heading south of the cavern and has progressed 7 metres. Excavation of the main station box is progressing and demolition works have continued at the site of the northern station entrance.
  • At Roma Street, Roadheaders ONE and FOUR have completed an underground access adit and tunnelling has progressed 80 metres into the 280 metre long main cavern heading. Above ground, the demolition of the former Hotel Jen and former Transit Centre East Tower are complete and demolition of the West Tower is nearing completion. Piling works for the station services building have also commenced.
  • At Exhibition station, construction works have continued with rock excavation along O’Connell Terrace and an access road construction.
  • At Mayne Yard, Stage One earthworks and re-decking of the Siding Bridge is complete while drainage works are continuing. In the Project’s Northern Corridor, new traffic lights have been installed on Gregory Terrace and drainage works have also continued.
  • Along the Shorncliffe line, early works are continuing as we prepare to install the new world-class signalling system being delivered as part of the Cross River Rail project.

Scroll through the galleries below to see just how much is changing at some of our larger worksites.

Tunnelling Update

Tunnelling has commenced on the Cross River Rail project and five Roadheaders are already underground, excavating various access adits and station caverns.

At the Roma Street site, Roadheaders ONE and FOUR completed an underground access adit, with tunnelling progressing 80 metres into 280 metre-long cavern heading. At Woolloongabba, Roadheader TWO has tunnelled 90 metres north, while Roadheader THREE has progressed 100 metres south. Meanwhile, at Albert Street, Roadheader FIVE has started heading south of the cavern and progressed 7 metres.

Six roadheaders will be used in total on the project and will also dig the southern section of Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels, running from Woolloongabba to Boggo Road.

Two giant Tunnel Boring Machines will be assembled at Woolloongabba and will dig the project’s twin tunnels north to Albert Street and Roma Street, before continuing on to the Northern Tunnel Portal at Normanby.