Work is underway on Brisbane's new underground

With major construction now underway at all of Cross River Rail’s main station sites as well as multiple locations within in the rail corridor, our work sites are constantly evolving and changing.

Boggo Road where steel piling is being installed in preparation for the concrete pour.

Around Our Work Sites

Updates from around our worksites up to 12 February 2024 include:


Installation of the rail in all sections of the tunnel is now complete.

Fit out works have continued in the tunnels, with walkway installation underway.

Underground stations

At Roma Street, architectural panels have been installed in the cavern along with new baffle ceilings, work on the installation of Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) is continuing and the first set of four escalators are now housed in the station entry.

At Albert Street, construction of the station’s platform and mezzanine levels was completed. Internal walls have now reached over halfway to ground level and steel work is being prepared for the basement slab pour.

At Woolloongabba, auto climbers and falsework scaffolds have been dismantled and removed at the north cavern entrance and the project’s first PSD glass has been installed in the southern cavern.

At Boggo Road, high voltage switch gear is being tested as mechanical and electrical works continue.

Brownfield Rail

At Mayne Yard, approximately 850 metres of balloon loop was removed and decommissioned to allow for new Cross River Rail alignment. A new Mayne West to Mayne North shunt road was installed and commissioned and girders have been installed for Breakfast Creek Bridge northern abutment.

At Exhibition, underhung services and cable containment works are progressing.

At the Northern Corridor, readiness for static testing in Victoria Park feeder station is underway to allow for energisation in early March.

At Southern Area, transition to operations stage 11A have been completed and the Up Suburban Line was moved to its final alignment. The removal and relocation of critical signalling equipment from various signalling huts into final position was completed.

At Clapham Yard, works for Chale Street Bridge retaining wall barrier base pours were completed.

Surface Stations

At Dutton Park station, the remaining four modules of the pedestrian overpass were installed.

At Pimpama, 10 Platform Steel Frames and face steel girts have been installed on the Eastern side of the rail corridor. On the Western side, clearance checks of all earthing, bonding and structural gauges have been completed.

At Yeerongpilly station, canopy installation is progressing well.

European Train Control System – ETCS

Equipment has been installed in the ETCS signalling rooms underground at Roma Street.

ETCS testing has commenced on the Shorncliffe line for 2024.