Precincts Delivery Strategy

Five station sites, five times the transformation.

Cross River Rail is Brisbane’s new underground. Construction is underway and it will deliver four new high-capacity stations through the city and a new year-round Exhibition station to serve the iconic RNA showgrounds.

But Cross River Rail is more than just a rail project. It’s also a once-in-a-generation catalyst for up to $20bn of economic development, helping to transform forever more one of the world’s fastest growing and most liveable cities.

Our Precinct Delivery Strategy is set out below and we’re seeking input from the finance, planning, development and wider property sector, as well as the wider public, to innovate and envision world class placemaking at each new city station precinct.

Precincts Delivery Strategy

Precincts Delivery Strategy

The Precinct Delivery Strategy is a blueprint to help shape future development in and around the five new station precincts.

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  • Precincts Delivery Strategy - Overview

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  • The Queensland Government’s investment in the Cross River Rail project will unlock an unprecedented opportunity for economic development in Brisbane.

    Beyond our investment in new underground train stations and tunnels, we expect to leverage up to $20 billion in new city-changing investment.

    This Strategy is a blueprint to help shape future development in and around the five new station precincts.

    It will help connect people, communities and businesses providing urban renewal opportunities that unlock new economic growth through private sector investments that strengthen our economy and create jobs.

    These benefits will be directly felt by Queenslanders right across the State.

    A strong inner core of Brisbane which is home to significant assets like the Gabba Stadium, key hospital facilities and world-class learning institutions, will drive new investments that generate jobs now and for decades to come.

    This Strategy is an important first step towards delivering these game-changing outcomes for Queensland.

    You can read more in our Cross River Rail Precinct Delivery Strategy.

    Cross River Rail will connect people across South East Queensland (SEQ) to the places where they live, learn, work and play. The project will also be a key catalyst for ongoing urban renewal within and around its station precincts. This strategy sets a vision for each precinct that is aligned to the Queensland Government’s policy priorities and seeks to enhance Queensland’s global competitiveness, liveability and destination appeal.

    This document articulates the strategic aspirations for the Cross River Rail (CRR) precincts by:

    • discussing the precinct visions and their alignment to the Queensland Government’s policy ambitions;
    • establishing guiding principles for future development (further detail provided in Section 5); and
    • outlining the process being undertaken by the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority to realise the aspirations for the precincts.

    The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority (the Delivery Authority) has responsibility for five key Cross River Rail precincts – Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street, Roma Street and Exhibition – and is considering the approach to delivering and realising the envisaged precinct benefits.

    The Delivery Authority has undertaken extensive stakeholder engagement and leveraged global best practices to formulate the precinct visions. These will guide the delivery of the precincts and realise Government’s ambitions to create new neighbourhoods, that are ready to connect, create and advance the region globally for generations

    Delivered through an aspirational approach to precinct planning and delivery

    Comprehensive stakeholder engagement and global research suggests that an aspirational approach to precinct planning results in improved economic and social outcomes that deliver ongoing benefits.

    • Stations and precincts as integrated developments, each with their own identity, connected to each other and SEQ
    • Catalyst for SEQ’s economic transformation, including advanced manufacturing, health science and creative industries
    • Precincts with social impact and purpose, from public domain and affordability to sports and cultural activation
    • World-leading environmental outcomes, including in public spaces and in building design itself
    • Long-term greater financial and economic returns, to ensure delivery of policy and economic outcomes for Queensland

    The Delivery Authority has leveraged insights from exemplar global precincts that have successfully delivered enduring economic and social benefits. Broad consultation across the Queensland Government and with Brisbane City Council has been undertaken to ensure precinct planning aligns to the city context and government policy priorities.

    A review into global case studies of urban precincts was undertaken by the Delivery Authority and Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC), with the support of Boston Consulting Group (BCG). This work examined over 60 urban renewal precincts, across over 50 cities and regions globally, to understand global best practice in creating great precincts and their role in shaping cities (City Shaping Levers).

    Four City Shaping Levers have been identified as critical to the creation of modern and vibrant cities (Anchors, Connectivity, Agglomeration and Activation). Brisbane has a number of these City Shaping Levers in place, but Cross River Rail and the Cross River Rail precincts have the potential to drive greater economic and liveability returns for the State when these levers are incorporated into the planning of precincts.

    The Delivery Authority, in conjunction with the Brisbane City Council (BCC), developed a Local Renewal Area Framework that has informed the vision for the urban context around each of the Cross River Rail precincts and provided three Themes and five Enablers that have informed precinct planning.

    These findings and frameworks, in addition to Government policy objectives and priorities for each precinct, have been used to define the vision and strategy for each of the Cross River Rail precincts.

    What makes a great global precinct?

    The Delivery Authority, in conjunction with QTC and BCG, have completed an analysis of over 60 urban renewal precincts, across 50 cities and regions globally, focusing on examples that align closest with Brisbane.

    The work emphasised that the value of projects similar to Cross River Rail are typically locked in upfront and that the need for a clear vision is imperative so that value can be created throughout the precinct’s development journey.

    Key lessons learnt from global best practice emphasises the need for a clear vision, early collaboration and robust governance…

    • Set a clear goal for the precinct
    • Prioritise urban precinct mix and use to include economic, social and environmental aims
    • Early and continued input from community, commercial and development experts, and from across Government is critical to a project’s success
    • Governance of decision-making needs to be planned for the whole project lifecycle
    • Effective development requires focus and expert capabilities from the lead organisation
    • Building great communities takes 20-30 years

    A Local Renewal Area Framework that supports positive outcomes

    The Cross River Rail station precincts have the ability to support broader positive economic and social outcomes in the community. The Local Renewal Area Framework’s three themes, supported by five core enablers which, along with Government policy priorities, has informed the Cross River Rail precinct visions.

    Precinct visions have been guided by Advancing Queensland’s Priorities and other relevant Queensland and local Government policies and frameworks including Transforming South East Queensland and the Brisbane Economic Development Plan. Each precinct will contribute to a number of Government priorities to deliver specific initiatives to create high value jobs and attract investment.

    The Precincts Delivery Strategy will create world-class places through jobs and education, health, housing, culture, community and lifestyle. The successful implementation of this strategy will see the delivery of great places which provide great precincts, making a great region which in return, ensure great State outcomes.

    Precincts that align with the policy objectives of the State

    Supporting South East Queensland to CONNECT, CREATE and ADVANCE for future generations requires precinct plans that are aligned with core policy priorities of Government. Precinct strategies that are based on supporting these objectives now, will enable greater economic and liveability returns to be achieved in the future.

    The Cross River Rail Precincts Delivery Strategy seeks to align with Government policy on multiple levels to contribute to place, precincts, regions and the State.

    • Great Places which are activated by enabling connecting infrastructure, place making social infrastructure, and excellent buildings and spaces.
    • Great Precincts which are activated by concentration of nodes and experiences, and neighbourhoods with character.
    • Great Region which are activated by Great precincts linked with connected events and experiences.
    • Great Statewhich are activated by Regions that deliver on the diverse economic, service and cultural requirements of the State.

    In achieving this, the Delivery Authority has given specific regard to the following policy outcomes being sought by the State.

    Improving the liveability of Brisbane with benefits for all of South East Queensland by leveraging the City Shaping Levers.

    The investment in Cross River Rail delivers transport infrastructure that will activate Brisbane by delivering on the City Shaping Levers.

  • Precincts Delivery Strategy - Station Precinct Visions

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  • The Delivery Authority has undertaken extensive stakeholder engagement across Government agencies and with BCC to develop and test precinct development approaches to ensure precinct strategies are aligned with objectives and aspirations of Government and BCC.This engagement is being used to inform the unique precinct visions to optimise enduring community and economic outcomes and leverage existing local amenity. The Delivery Authority’s approach will create a sense of identity and differentiate the individual precincts whilst ensuring connectedness, resulting in the creation of world-class places for Queensland with connections to jobs and education, housing, community and lifestyle, tourism, culture and sports.

    “World-class innovation precinct, specialising in health, science and education jobs of the future”

    The new Boggo Road Station is at the centre of one of Queensland’s most significant knowledge and technology precincts. The wider precinct reputation is reflected by the prominence of globally recognised health, science and education institutions within the Translational Research Institute and Ecosciences Precinct. However, potential remains to continue to develop the area as an integrated, accessible, liveable and vibrant location which makes a significant contribution to the State, by continuing to attract and retain the best talent.

    To ensure the growth and accessibility of the wider renewal area to Brisbane’s inner city and knowledge corridor, the Boggo Road Cross River Rail precinct will focus on:

    • Creating an urban village with improved pedestrian connectivity to the internationally recognised knowledge hub of leading health, research and education.
    • Linking the precinct into the surrounding area with strong connections from the Princess Alexandra Hospital through to the University of Queensland.

    Cross River Rail Boggo Road Precinct Intent

    The Precinct provides direct opportunities to enhance the already established world-class health and technology precinct with a focus on health, science and education. This will reinforce the precinct’s role as a regional economic cluster, facilitating high skilled employment with supporting services and amenity, making it an inner-city destination for working, living and education.

    New public realm will provide improved connectivity between rail, bus, and major institutional facilities within the precinct. A focal point to the area will be the linkage of the knowledge corridor, connecting the University of Queensland (UQ) to established major institutions including the Ecosciences Precinct, the Translational Research Institute, the Princess Alexandra (PA) Hospital and the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence.

    Local Renewal Area Framework Outcomes

    The following outcomes, aligned to the local framework, are sought for the wider renewal area:

    You can learn more at the Boggo Road station precinct page.

    “A vibrant, world-class centre for community, sport and health”

    Having already seen significant change in the past decade, Woolloongabba is on an upward trajectory towards a modern urban neighbourhood characterised by its sport and entertainment offering. The new Cross River Rail station at Woolloongabba will be a catalyst for further renewal across a wider local area encompassing major hospitals and education facilities, with strong links back towards the CBD via the vibrant South Bank precinct.

    Within the Cross River Rail Woolloongabba Precinct, the opportunities for the Delivery Authority will be:

    • Creating a new town centre, with opportunities for improved pedestrian connections to the Stanley Street retail area, Mater Hospital and Children’s Hospital health precinct, and the Gabba stadium.
    • Improving connectivity between public transport and the Gabba will be central to this precinct, underpinned by a station to stadium link providing a new ‘front door’ to the Gabba, enabling it to operate as a world class sports venue.

    Cross River Rail Woolloongabba Precinct Intent

    The Cross River Rail Woolloongabba Precinct provides direct opportunities for significant private investment, in addition to Government investment, to develop residential, commercial, recreational and health-focused facilities to create a destination where the built form supports people, jobs and businesses, with ease of accessibility to worldclass public transport.

    New public realm will enhance local amenity and support an outdoor, community-oriented lifestyle. As part of the public realm, a net increase in green space will be provided.

    The mix of uses will be well aligned with the investment in infrastructure in the locality. Development will improve the visitor experience during events at the Gabba stadium and provide for easy community access to the Woolloongabba Cross River Rail and busway stations. Access to the area by public transport, walking and cycling will be prioritised over private vehicles.

    Local Renewal Area Framework Outcomes

    The following outcomes, aligned to the local framework, are sought for the wider renewal area:

    You can learn more at the Woolloongabba station precinct page.

    “City heart transformation”

    The new Albert Street Station sits at the epicentre of the rapidly changing Brisbane CBD. The CBD is already established as an area where work, leisure and living co-exist; and this is only set to increase with the completion of the Queen’s Wharf Precinct. The commuter, resident and visitor experience has the opportunity to dramatically improve with the creation of an efficient public transportation connection between the city centre and neighbouring knowledge and lifestyle hubs.

    To strengthen the day and night-time economy, the Albert Street precinct focus will be on:

    • The commuter, resident and visitor experience through a walkable grid of attractive subtropical streets, laneways and places for people, specifically the delivery of the Green Spine linking the City Botanic Gardens through to Roma Street Parklands.
    • Providing a catalyst for investment in the southern portion of the CBD through improved access to public transport.

    Cross River Rail Albert Street Precinct Intent

    The Cross River Rail Albert Street precinct comprises two significant CBD sites, which sit directly adjacent to the Cross River Rail station. These sites provide an opportunity for significant improvements in public realm through the delivery of the City Plan Green Spine vision, in addition to a potential commercial development opportunity.

    Any development in the Albert Street precinct should deliver high-quality built-form and public realm that contributes to a sense of arrival and creates a new landmark destination within the city centre. This opportunity enables increased commuter and pedestrian activity which will strengthen the day and night-time economy, putting the southern city centre on the map as a destination.

    Local Renewal Area Framework Outcomes

    The following outcomes, aligned to the local framework, are sought for the wider renewal area:

    You can learn more at the Albert Street station precinct page.

    “Extension of the CBD and Brisbane’s gateway to jobs, tourism and recreation”

    Roma Street Station is the western gateway to the city centre, combining regional transportation with an expanded commercial, retail and leisure offering. The precinct boasts outstanding connectivity, a vibrant public realm and proximity to a range of entertainment and recreational activities.

    While the precinct benefits from its proximity to a range of destinations, there is still significant potential for growth in lifestyle and knowledge industries including greater professional office space, stronger physical links east to the CBD and west to Caxton Street and the Suncorp Stadium, in addition to an enhanced range of day and night time facilities serving a growing number of visitors, workers and residents in the precinct.

    To facilitate the realisation of this potential, the Roma Street precinct focus will be on:

    • The key arrival destination for the central CBD, and the western gateway to the City’s premier cultural, leisure and entertainment offerings (including a potential Brisbane Live Entertainment Arena).
    • Improved public realm and active transport connections to improve pedestrian movement and connections.
    • Significant upgrades to State-owned station interchange for CRR, Metro and bus services, including realignment of the Inner Northern Busway.

    Cross River Rail Roma Street Precinct Intent

    Roma Street precinct, located at one of Brisbane’s most significant city centre arrival points, has the opportunity to become a key economic and community hub through major redevelopment, reinvigorating heritage places, new public spaces and developing strong connections to nearby major parklands and facilities.

    Local Renewal Area Framework Outcomes

    The following outcomes, aligned to the local framework, are sought for the wider renewal area:

    You can learn more at the Roma Street station precinct page.

    “Brisbane’s northern lifestyle hub, connecting health, housing, recreation and liveability”

    The precinct is a key gateway between the inner city and Brisbane’s northern suburbs, and includes one of the state’s most successful knowledge and technology clusters, which includes the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, the future Herston Quarter, and various other significant health-related institutions.

    With the presence of key anchors, the precinct has a high level of maturity as a knowledge and technology precinct. Further opportunities for expansion of allied health, biomedical industries and education and research, will elevate the economic performance of the precinct.

    To accelerate the precinct’s urban renewal as a sophisticated cosmopolitan neighbourhood, the Exhibition precinct will focus on:

    • Supporting the RNA showgrounds redevelopment, the Herston Quarter development and providing opportunities for major events and health and research.
    • Achieving significant improvements in connectivity to the health precinct focused on the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and the Herston Quarter, and into the RNA and Fortitude Valley.
    • Potential adaptive reuse of the historic Old Museum building.

    Cross River Rail Exhibition Precinct Intent

    The Exhibition precinct is a vibrant urban area which, has preserved its heritage places and accommodates a diverse, integrated and balanced range of uses that are connected by a high-quality public realm.

    The Cross River Rail Exhibition precinct is limited in its scale due to available State-owned land. Its primary opportunity aside from immediate station construction and committed transport connections is to facilitate, in conjunction with Government, the adaptive reuse and reinvigoration of the heritage Old Museum building.

    Local Renewal Area Framework Outcomes

    The following outcomes, aligned to the local framework, are sought for the wider renewal area:

    You can learn more at the Exhibition station precinct page.

  • Precincts Delivery Strategy - Guiding Principles

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  • The Guiding Principles reflect the Delivery Authority’s areas of strategic focus to delivering great precincts that provide a positive long-term contribution to South East Queensland. The Guiding Principles will inform the approach in progressing the vision to the planning and delivery strategy for each of the precincts.

    These Guiding Principles are complemented by Commercial Principles that will inform the implementation strategy for the Precincts. These Commercial Principles will seek to optimise value for money for Government whilst utilising innovative delivery and funding models to deliver commercial and community infrastructure within each precinct.

    Cross River Rail Precincts – Guiding Principles

    Areas of strategic focus in planning and delivering the Cross River Rail Precincts

    A summary of the guiding principles that underpin the Delivery Authority’s approach to precincts comprise:

    • Long-term view: Promote orderly development of precincts by having a long-term mindset.
    • Economic wellbeing: Deliver world-class development that attracts investment, boosts productivity and has a long-term positive impact on the economy.
    • Social inclusion: Support social inclusion, by encouraging housing diversity, and the development of community-focused precincts that can evolve and adapt.

    • Long-term view: Promote orderly development of precincts by having a long-term mindset.
    • Public value: Maximise public value for Queensland.
    • Commercially focused: Pursue partnerships with the private sector to achieve the vision.
    • Value for money: Ensure value for money through appropriate risk allocation.
    • Move at deal speed: Maximise speed and certainty of transactions.

    • Policy alignment: Ensure precinct development is aligned with Government policy objectives.
    • Public value: Maximise public value for Queensland.
    • Balance commercial return with broader benefits: Ensure commercial returns are balanced with environmental, social and economic outcomes.
    • Government financial policy: Ensure precinct development is aligned with Government budgetary and fiscal policy, and that capital expenditure supports the vision for the precinct.

    • Integrated infrastructure and development: Integrate land use and infrastructure planning.
    • Public value: Maximise public value for Queensland.
    • Environmental integrity: Enhance environmental integrity by encouraging environmentally sensitive development.
    • Seamless integration with surrounding area: Plan and deliver precincts that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding urban fabric.

    Cross River Rail Precincts – Commercial Principles

    Ensuring value for money and optimal delivery outcomes are achieved.

    The following statements will drive the commercial approach to development and delivery of the Cross River Rail precincts, to ensure that value for money outcomes are achieved:

    Balance sources

    Seek an appropriate mix of public and private sector funding and financing that consider the delivery method, control and risk appetite.

    Whole of life

    Investments in precinct development and infrastructure shall take into account whole of life costs and benefits.

    Robust decisions

    Government investment in State infrastructure will be subject to detailed decision making processes that match the delivery outcomes.

    Burden shared

    Undertake a detailed assessment of benefits and beneficiaries for specific projects, to ensure an equitable apportionment of risk and return.

    State infrastructure

    Relevant line agencies will fund or participate in strategies to provide development infrastructure associated with their own projects.

    Development infrastructure

    Investment in site enabling development infrastructure shall be the responsibility of project proponents.

    Reinvest profits

    Financial returns will be reinvested to facilitate further economic development within the Cross River Rail precincts.


    A strategic view will be taken when considering funding and financing options for each precinct outcome.

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