Fairfield station

As part of the Cross River Rail project, Fairfield station has been rebuilt to improve access and functionality.

a concept image for the new Fairfield station

Current status

Major construction at Fairfield station is now complete, with minor finishing works continuing at the station.

You can learn more using the link below:

Fairfield Station Upgrades

Station features

Features of Fairfield station include:

    • An additional third platform
    • A new station building
    • An upgrade to the existing platform
    • New overpass and vertical transport system including three lifts and stairs
    • Architectural design that considers the surrounding residential areas
    • The new overpass, stairs and lifts will improve access to the centre of the platforms
    • Provision for accessible parking within the car park
    • Relocate and retain heritage shelter
    • Existing side platform entry from Equity Street to be retained.

Between January and February 2020, the UNITY Alliance sought feedback on the concept design for an upgraded Fairfield station, as part of the Cross River Rail project. You can read the feedback in full here.

Top down view of the Fairfield station and what works will occur there

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: