On this page you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about Exhibition station, plans for the surrounding station precinct, a history of the station area and how an upgraded station at Exhibition will transform travel in the future.

You can also stay up to date with current construction works happening in the area and find details of any impacts and working hours.

Exhibition station

Render of future Exhibition station,

Exhibition station

A newly upgraded Exhibition station will provide rail services all year round for one of Brisbane’s fastest growing suburbs.

Render of future Exhibition station.

Explore in 360 degrees

Check out these first person views of the future stations and explore the station's past.

Render of the Brisbane area from precolonisation. First Nations people are sitting around a fire at night time.

Cultural Heritage of the Exhibition Station area

Learn about the cultural heritage of the Exhibition Station site.

Aerial render of a future Exhibition Station precinct.

Exhibition station precinct

By connecting high growth residential and employment areas, Cross River Rail will enable increased employment as well as property and commercial opportunities.

Australian Test Cricket team walk on to the pitch in 1928.

History of the area

Learn about the rich history of the Exhibition area.

Concept illustration of the upgraded platforms at Exhibition station

Transforming travel

A newly upgraded Exhibition station will transform the way we travel to and through Brisbane in the future.