Cultural Heritage

The Delivery Authority has developed Cultural Heritage Management Plans for the Cross River Rail Project, under Part 7 of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (Qld). Use the link below for more information.

Cross River Rail is committed to acknowledging and honouring the cultural heritage of the land on which our project will be built in ways that are not only respectful, but also innovative, immersive, and personal.

One initiative has been to work with Bilbie Labs on their Virtual Songlines project, a 3D virtual Brisbane that recreated the city landscape as it was in 1819. Use the Virtual Songlines link below to learn more.

The delivery of Cross River Rail project includes development on a State registered heritage place. This development by the State on a Queensland heritage registered place is being managed through the heritage approval process under Section 71 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. Use the Heritage Approval link below to learn more.

Cultural Heritage Management Plan

Cultural Heritage Management Plan

render of proposed Exhibition station concepts

Heritage Approval

Render of the Brisbane area from precolonisation. First Nations people are sitting around a fire at night time.

Virtual Songlines