Project Delivery

Cross River Rail is being delivered in partnership with the private sector through three major infrastructure packages of work: the Tunnel, Stations and Development (TSD) public-private partnership; the Rail, Integration and Systems (RIS) alliance; and the European Train Control System (ETCS) contract.

The walls of the Lot 1 site rising out of the ground.
Tunnel, Stations & Development

Tunnel, Stations & Development

Construction at southside station.

Rail, Integration & Systems

European Train Control System

European Train Control System

Tunnel, Stations and Development (TSD)

A Tunnel, Stations and Development public-private partnership is delivering the underground section of the project.

The scope of work includes:

  • the tunnel from a southern portal near Dutton Park station, under the Brisbane River and the CBD, to a northern portal beyond Normanby
  • four new underground stations at Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street and upgrades to Dutton Park railway station.
  • the tunnel portals and dive structures
  • all associated mechanical, electrical and safety systems, including vertical transportation for passengers at underground stations
  • above and underground track work, traction power systems and selection rail operation and control infrastructure.

The Tunnel, Stations and Development (TSD) public-private partnership is being delivered by PULSE.

The PULSE consortium is led by CIMIC Group companies, Pacific Partnerships, CPB Contractors, and UGL with international partners DIF, BAM and Ghella.

Rail, Integration and Systems (RIS)

A Rail, Integration and Systems alliance will: deliver the design, supply and installation of supporting rail systems; integrate Cross River Rail into Queensland Rail’s train network; and upgrade to Exhibition Station.

The scope of work  includes:

  • rail civil and electrical works
  • rail operation systems and controls
  • rail signalling and communications.
  • The Rail, Integration and Systems Alliance will also rebuild six suburban stations on Brisbane’s southside from Fairfield to Salisbury, announced in May 2019.
Construction at southside station.

The Rail, Integration and Systems (RIS) works package is being delivered in alliance with UNITY.

UNITY brings together CPB Contractors, UGL, AECOM and Jacobs, and partners HASSELL, RCS Australia, Acmena, Martinus Rail and Wired Overhead Solutions.

European Train Control System (ETCS)

The Queensland Government is investing in ETCS, a new signalling system that will enable increased capacity on the inner-city rail network, enhance safety and allow the wider SEQ rail network to run more efficiently.

The ETCS technology is a world-class train signalling system which will add capacity and efficiency to our rail network.

ETCS features are important for the safe operation of trains through the Cross River Rail twin tunnels, making our rail network work smarter and helping us to transform the way we travel across the whole of South East Queensland.

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The European Train Control System (ETCS) works package is being delivered by the Sequence Alliance.

The Sequence Alliance brings together Hitachi Rail, Queensland Rail and the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority (CRRDA).

Sequence combines Queensland Rail’s 150 years+ of proud local history and operational excellence with Hitachi Rail’s global experience and technological expertise, under the project oversight of the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority.