Environmental Compliance

The Delivery Authority is committed to achieving the highest possible environmental outcomes during the delivery of the CRR Project. This is achieved by implementing industry Best Management Practices (BMP) as well as ensuring compliance with the Coordinator-General’s Imposed Conditions.

To continually improve our performance, the Delivery Authority and associated project delivery partners, have developed and implemented a robust environmental management and reporting system. Reporting of Non-Compliance Events are seen as opportunities for improvement to our overall environmental performance.

Reporting a Non-Compliance Event is also a requirement under the Coordinator-General’s Imposed Conditions. A Non-Compliance Event report summarises the details of the event and actions taken to mitigate the environmental effects. It also proposes actions to be taken to prevent its recurrence. These reports are to be uploaded to the Project’s Website and will remain on line for the duration of construction.

Non-Compliance Event Reports