Shorncliffe Line Works

ETCS will be rolled out in several stages starting with the Shorncliffe line where minor construction works are being finalised and system testing is currently underway, with trains operating in test mode on parts of the line. Extensive testing is required and must be completed when revenue service trains are not running.

The project will involve ETCS equipment and technology being fitted to trains, on and alongside rail tracks, and within Queensland Rail’s Rail Management Centre.

You may see an increase in construction personnel along the rail corridor and around stations.

Map of Shorncliffe line works for February 2022.

Signalling work & system testing - February 2023

During February, construction work will continue in the rail corridor at sites between Northgate and Shorncliffe stations. System testing will also be carried out. Activities along the rail corridor will include electrical works, excavation, replacement of cable trough lids, and equipment testing.

workers carrying cables along rail line.

Works Notices

Access information on works notifications relating to construction at our worksites.