Shorncliffe Line Works

ETCS will be rolled out in several stages starting with the Shorncliffe Line where work has already commenced and is expected to be operational in 2022. The project will involve ETCS equipment and technology being fitted to trains, on and alongside rail tracks, and within Queensland Rail’s Rail Management Centre followed by operational testing.

You may see an increase in construction personnel along the rail corridor and around stations.

Trackside signalling work 22-24 May

Trackside signalling work 22-24 May

Hitachi Rail is continuing construction work along the Shorncliffe Line to deliver Brisbane’s new railway signalling system as part of the Cross River Rail Project.

Queensland Trail train stopped at a station showing Shorncliffe as the destination

Trackside signalling work 19 May

As part of the Cross River Rail project, Hitachi Rail is continuing works on the Shorncliffe Line to install a new railway signalling system.

Works Notices

Works Notices

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Work Notices

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