Merrimac Station

The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority is planning three new rail stations on the Gold Coast Line and one of these will be at Merrimac. These stations will feature:

onsite parking and passenger drop-off facilities
connections to pedestrian and cycle paths
integration with the current public transport network
improvements to nearby intersections.

Early investigations are scheduled to start in early 2021, which will include geotechnical works, surveys, utility identification and environmental studies including heritage, flora and fauna.

In October 2019, we sought community feedback on concept designs for the new stations and further consultation will be undertaken for the detailed design phase with residents and key stakeholders in 2021.

Station Location

Benefits for Merrimac

The Merrimac station will service the growing residential population in Merrimac, Worongary and Carrara.

Concept Only – Image is not final or approved

Merrimac Station is scheduled to be open in time for the first Cross River Rail services.

The Merrimac station will be located on Gooding Drive, approximately 750 metres east of the Pacific Motorway and Gooding Drive Interchange(Exit 77).

You can read more about the Merrimac Station in the factsheet.

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