Mayne Yard

Mayne Yard is the main stabling and maintenance precinct for Queensland Rail’s daily network operations. The stabling yard was originally established in the 1910s, adjacent to the then Mayne Junction railway station to house the train depot previously housed at Roma Street.

Mayne Yard stabling upgrade and expansion works are underway to ensure the rail network will function effectively and efficiently to support network growth and operations and boost the benefits when Cross River Rail becomes operational.

A new three-track bridge on the western side of the existing creek crossing will minimise disruption during construction and is expected to be complete in late 2023.

In addition, Cross River Rail is constructing new train stabling facilities, a train crew building and a graffiti removal facility at Mayne Yard North, which are expected to be ready to be commissioned and handed over to Queensland Rail in early 2023.

Further works will then be undertaken which are expected to be completed in 2024.

Scope of works at Mayne Yard includes:

  • New Mayne North stabling yard and update to Mayne East stabling yard
  • Sixty turnouts and crossovers
  • 22km of track works
  • 1.5km of internal access roadworks
  • Demolition of existing Queensland Rail buildings
  • Eighteen stabling roads in Mayne Yard East
  • Capacity to stable up to seventeen trains in Mayne Yard North
  • Three footbridges
  • Rail Traffic Crew building and parking
  • Graffiti Removal Facility
  • New Operations Builds
  • New road over rail infrastructure
  • New bridge