Merrimac station construction update - June 2024

Fulton Hogan is continuing major construction activities within the eastern and western rail reserves. Further construction work will also continue within the rail corridor.

Major construction

Throughout June 2024, major construction activities will continue within the eastern and western railway reserves.

Works will be undertaken between 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday.

Works will include:

  • Ongoing establishment of temporary site facilities, site offices and worker facilities, including parking at the western and eastern sides of the rail reserve
  • Ongoing site access track construction, including commencement of access track construction in the eastern rail reserve off Gooding Drive
  • Ongoing pre-construction condition inspections of property, utilities and infrastructure
  • Ongoing surveying of the site and public utilities, pit excavations, electrical overhead works, cable hauling, conduit trenching and environmental monitoring
  • Ongoing vegetation clearing in accordance with all relevant approvals, with fauna spotter / catchers in attendance
  • Earthworks and stockpiling of material which involves an increase in heavy vehicle deliveries
  • Construction of environmental management controls including sedimentation fencing and drainage channels.


Rail corridor works

From Gooding Drive overpass to Red Ash Court, rail corridor works are planned to occur outside normal working hours during scheduled track closures, with activities planned between the hours listed below, where possible.

Works will include cable hauling, fencing installation, removal and demolition, conduit trenching works, earthworks and overhead pile foundations.

Rail corridor works are scheduled, pending construction and weather permitting conditions, for:

  • From 6:00am Saturday 8 to 6:00pm Sunday 9 June 2024 (24/7 works)


Work areas and vehicle movements

Map of the Merrimac station work areas and vehicle movements along Gooding Drive.

What to expect

  • Construction activities may generate increased levels of heavy vehicles, noise, vibration and dust in the area. Every effort will be made to keep these to a minimum
  • Construction activity and heavy vehicle movements will increase throughout June to transport rock and other materials to the site via Gooding Drive and Entry Drive
  • These activities will include an initial layer of rock being delivered and unloaded across the site. The imported material will create level and stable ground to support heavy equipment and structures and is known as pre-loading
  • The first layer of rock is required prior to fill and pre-loading activities commencing. Pre-loading and increased heavy vehicle movements are scheduled to occur from June for around three months
  • Ongoing temporary changes to pedestrian access and movements around Gooding Drive (both directions) and Entry Drive, in place until project completion. This ongoing closure is required to safely construct and implement the site access track from Gooding Drive (westbound) into the eastern parklands. Pedestrians are to follow the signs to safely navigate through the area, using the detour via the Gooding Drive northern footpath
  • Ongoing intermittent parking changes on local roads
  • Establishment of a heavy vehicle waiting bay area, on Gooding Drive eastbound, in proximity to Boowaggan Road. Signage will be in place
  • Workers and light vehicles accessing site via Crelga Court, Nisbet Place and Willunga Place
  • Intermittent use of mobile light towers and safety lighting. Every effort will be made to position light sources away from properties
  • The use of machinery including trucks (including water and fuel carts), graders, excavators, vac trucks, cranes, chainsaws, drill rigs, rollers, track mounted grinder, mulcher, chainsaws, boom lifts and hand held tools
  • An intermittent daily single lane closure and speed reduction will be in place on Gooding Drive westbound, between Ghilgai Road and the rail overpass, from 9am to 3pm
  • Intermittent short-term delays and speed reductions will be in place on Gooding Drive eastbound, between Jura Parade and the rail overpass
  • Traffic management and road signage will be in place to assist and direct motorists.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: