Fairfield station construction update

From late June 2020, the UNITY Alliance will commence construction at Fairfield station with the establishment of temporary project site facilities as part of the Cross River Rail project. The facilities will be onsite for the duration of construction for approximately 18-24 months.


Station upgrade construction

As part of the station upgrade, works will involve:

  • Construction of a temporary ticket office on Equity Street which will be operational during construction
  • Demolition of existing station building (ticket office) and canopy structures
  • Construction of a new station building
  • Upgrading the existing platform and construction of an additional (third) platform
  • Construction of a new overpass and lifts to improve access
  • Removal of the timber commuter shelter from the station platform. This will be stored off-site for restoration and reinstated as part of the final design
  • Footpath construction near entry points, including the existing entry from Equity Street
  • Realigning existing commuter car park on Equity Street for provision for two accessible parks within the car park
  • Fencing and landscaping.


Traffic changes

Construction will involve minor localised traffic changes including:

  • Temporary removal of on-street parking in proximity to construction areas to assist with the flow of traffic on both Mildmay Street and Equity Street
  • Two-way traffic will be maintained on Mildmay Street and Equity Street, with intermittent short traffic holds for delivery of site buildings during off-peak periods
  • Increased truck and vehicle movements on Mildmay Street, Equity Street, Lagonda Street, Ashby Street and Victoria Street.



Details of work

Activities are scheduled to occur between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday. The site office may also be used intermittently during planned night works.

As part of the site establishment, works will involve:

  • Placing temporary fencing, and erosion and sediment controls
  • Placement of roadside barriers and line marking on Mildmay Street and Equity Street
  • Temporary traffic changes to local roads, including reduced speeds and pedestrian
  • Establishment of access points, loading areas, laydown facilities and storage areas
  • Placing site sheds and connecting utilities.


What to expect

Due to the ongoing use of this site facility, you may notice some intermittent disruptions such as:

  • Increased levels of localised noise and dust from the use of machinery and equipment
  • Ongoing use of storage and laydown areas for construction materials
  • Operation of security lighting onsite
  • Use during night works activities and ongoing planned track closures
  • Security patrols around site facilities.

Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum for residents and businesses in close proximity to the project site.

We appreciate your patience during construction and use of this compound and will continue to update you as work progresses.

Design changes

Between January and February 2020, the UNITY Alliance sought feedback on the concept design for Fairfield station. All feedback received from the community and stakeholders during the Fairfield station concept design consultation was considered by the project’s design team. Changes to the design as a result of community consultation include:

  • Additional bicycle parking on Mildmay Street, in addition to bicycle parking provided on Equity Street
  • Moving the pedestrian overpass further south to reduce the overall height and impact of the structure
  • Architectural changes to the pedestrian overpass to reflect the heritage character of the station precinct
  • Redesigning the lift shaft cladding (horizontally cladding two sides) to reduce glazing, and remove the ‘commercial feel’ of the structure
  • Redesigning stair structures to reduce the overall scale
  • Increasing the size of station forecourts to introduce more softscaping (e.g. planting), to reduce the impact of structure on the street.

The station will remain operational during construction of the Fairfield station upgrade. Some station closures will be required during planned track closures. Residents and customers will be notified prior to these closures occurring.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: