Clapham Yard construction update - March to April 2023

During March and April 2023, UNITY Alliance will continue earthworks, drainage construction, internal bridge construction, rail installation and installation of services at Clapham Yard.


Details of work

The following activities are scheduled to occur between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Sunday during March and April 2023, weather and construction conditions permitting:

  • Continuing construction works on the Chale Street and Moolabin Creek bridges
  • Continue drainage works in Clapham Yard
  • Continuing earthworks to level construction areas, ground surface treatment works and excavation
  • Continuing installation of service conduits and pits for electrical, communications and cable routes
  • Importing materials, including placement and compaction of gravel
  • Continue overhead electrical line mast installation works
  • Track and maintenance work within the rail corridor.

The following activities will occur outside the project’s normal working hours, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Along Clapham Yard and Fairfield Road, Yeerongpilly, the following works will occur between 6:30pm and 6:30am intermittently during March and April 2023:

  • Public utility service investigations (water and sewer). Traffic control will be in place when required
  • Delivery of equipment and materials to site including concrete, gravels and building supplies
  • Concrete pours for bridge construction.

At Clapham Yard, and between 6:00am Saturday 18 to 8:00pm Sunday 19 March 2023, the following works will occur:

  • Signalling works and installation of overhead electrical line masts and foundations
  • Track work and maintenance.

At Clapham Yard, and between 6:00am Friday 7 and 6:00pm Monday 10 April 2023, the following works will occur:

  • Installation of undertrack crossings for cable service route relocation works.


Work locations and intermittent traffic changes – March to April 2023

Map of work areas, construction access, and cyclist and pedestrian access on Fairfield Road, Yeerongpilly.


What to expect

During these works you may notice some intermittent disruptions such as:

  • Intermittent single lane closures on Fairfield Road (outbound), Yeerongpilly
  • Light vehicles, trucks and machinery including excavators with hydraulic hammers, graders, rollers, water carts, front end loaders, mobile cranes, piling rigs, drilling rigs, pipe jacking rig, vacuum excavation trucks, small power tools, drills, saws, minor vibrating equipment and mobile lighting towers to light the work areas at night
  • Changes around your local area such as construction vehicles, traffic management signs and personnel
  • Some noise, vibration and dust associated with the use of heavy machinery and equipment.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form:

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