New PDA supports Woolloongabba transformation

New PDA supports Woolloongabba transformation

Cross River Rail will change the way we travel across the whole of South East Queensland.

The project will bring high-capacity, frequent rail services into the heart of the Woolloongabba area for the first time. It will also stimulate a wave of development and urban renewal opportunities around its new stations.

On Friday 3 April 2020, the Cross River Rail Woolloongabba priority development area (PDA) was declared which takes in all land within the former Woolloongabba PDA as well as land east of Main Street, including the Gabba.

This new PDA supports planning and development of new open spaces, residential housing, commercial offices and retail to transform Woolloongabba into a vibrant, connected community linked with world-class public transport.

The inclusion of the Gabba within the PDA allows for further concept planning for a possible station-to-stadium connection and forecourt plaza, which would make game-days easier and safer.

Click here for more information on the new PDA and the Interim Land Use Plan.

This is the third Cross River Rail PDA to be declared with Albert Street declared on 14 December 2018 and Roma Street declared on 13 December 2019.