Temporary signalised intersection upgrade

From April 2020, the UNITY Alliance will commence work to install traffic signals at the Gregory Terrace and Victoria Park access road intersection to improve safety for pedestrians, motorists and construction vehicles accessing the rail corridor as part of the Cross River Rail project.

The existing Gregory Terrace / Victoria Park access road intersection will be temporarily upgraded to a signalised intersection, to enable safe access to the rail corridor for construction vehicles. This work is expected to take approximately three months to complete. The signalised intersection will also improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, and will be used for the duration of construction. Upon project completion, it is planned that the signals will be removed, and the current intersection reinstated.

The following activities are scheduled to occur between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday and will include:

  • Removal of nine car park spaces on Gregory Terrace between Warry Street and Bowen Bridge Road
  • Service location using vacuum trucks
  • Saw cutting concrete kerbing and asphalt, installation of concrete kerbing including pram ramps and pedestrian
  • Excavation of signal post footings, trenching for power supply cables, installation of traffic signal posts and signal
  • Removal of line marking using a high pressure water cleaner, and installation of new signage and line marking
  • Traffic control for temporary single lane closures on Gregory Terrace adjacent to the Victoria Park access road. Please note that Gregory Terrace traffic will be maintained in both directions during the works. Minor pedestrian detours may be in place during some of these activities.


Out of hours works

In addition to the activities scheduled above, the activities outlined below are also scheduled to occur outside of the project’s normal working hours, weather and construction conditions permitting.

  • Location: The intersection of Victoria Park access road and Gregory Terrace
  • Date and hours of work: Intermittent night works Monday to Saturday between 7:00pm and 5:00am from early April to late June 2020. Due to worker safety, work must be undertaken at night when traffic volumes are at their lowest.
  • Type of work: saw cutting for concrete removal and signalling cable installation, line marking removal using a high pressure water cleaner, and line marking, excavation for post holes and electrical conduit installation, concrete, and signal post installation, testing and commissioning of new signals, and traffic control.



What to expect

During the works, you may notice some disruptions such as:

  • Deliveries of machinery, equipment and construction materials
  • Increased levels of localised noise and dust from the use of machinery and equipment
  • Increased construction vehicle movements on local roads and within the project corridor
  • The use of vacuum trucks, excavators, asphalting equipment, mobile crane, trucks, concrete agitators, cutting equipment and hand tools
  • Mobile lighting towers to light work areas at night.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: