Boggo Road Station

This new underground station will see Boggo Road become South East Queensland’s second busiest transport interchange, with over 22,000 commuters using the new station each week day, by 2036.

A new station at Boggo Road will stimulate the growth of the existing health, science and education precinct which is already home to thousands of employees.

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users per day by 2036

Underground station

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19 m

below surface level

Longer Platform

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220 m

for future 9-car trains

Boggo Road Station video tour

This video includes concept developments and designs which are not final or approved.

Boggo Road Station video tour

This video includes concept developments and designs which are not final or approved.

Boggo Road station tour. This video contains concepts and designs which are not final or approved.

Aerial view of Annerley, with the Beenleigh train line, Pacific Motorway, Princess Alexandra Hospital and Boggo Road are visible.

Zoom down to ground level, approaching from the south. A new pedestrian bridge can be seen, crossing over the railway tracks to link the Ecosciences Precinct and new Boggo Road underground station with the PA hospital.

Fly along the road between the Ecosciences building and the railway line and busway, to enter the Cross River Rail Boggo Road station. A paved plaza with shade, seating, trees and gardens is located outside the main entrance to the station.

Viewing the station from across the existing rail tracks, a cutaway view shows that there are several levels built underground, with the platforms and train tunnel 19 metres deep. The station platform is 220 metres long.

The diagram shows escalators and lifts that will take passengers between the platform and concourse levels, up to the main entrance.

Zoom in through the train, where the doors slide open to reveal the underground platform. Escalators leading to street level are located in the middle of the platforms, a second train travelling in the other direction is stopped on the opposite platform.

Travelling up the escalators to ground level, the Translink ticket gates are located at the main entrance.

Boggo Road Station location

The new Boggo Road Station will not only link passengers to the South East Busway, Park Road station and Brisbane Metro services, it will transport staff to and from the health, science and education precinct, provide students with access to the new Inner City South State Secondary College, and local residents will benefit from high-frequency connections to the new CBD stations.

The Boggo Road Station will integrate with pedestrian connections walkways, cycle paths, Park Road train station, and bus services providing improved access to both UQ and the CBD.

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