Boggo Road station construction update - December 2019 to January 2020

Site establishment activities continue at the Boggo Road station site as part of the Cross River Rail project.

Throughout December 2019 and January 2020 activities on site will include:

  • Continuing to install permanent site fencing
  • Delivery and construction of site office buildings and
    worker facilities on Boggo Road
  • Concrete deliveries
  • Building internal roads and concrete paths
  • Earthworks to support piling activities
  • Starting piling activities
  • General earthwork activities
  • Deliveries of machinery and equipment
  • Geotechnical investigations using a drill rig, removing vegetation, and installing fencing in the rail corridor at the northern end of Railway Terrace.


Utility relocation work

Utilty service relocation work on Joe Baker Street will start in January and continue through into mid-2020. Some of this work will be performed by the relevant asset owner/s.

Work will include:

  • Sawcutting sections of the footpath and excavating trenches to install electrical pits
  • Trenching across Joe Baker Street and Boggo Road to install new infrstructure
  • Intermittent interruptions to local traffic under the direction of traffic control
  • Intermittent pedestrian access changes along Joe Baker Street and Boggo Road.
  • Intermittent removal of car parking spaces near work areas.

Property access will be maintained at all times during these works. The access between Peter Doherty Street and Railway Terrace remains open to pedestrians.

Utility investigation work

Work to verify the location of other underground services will continue at a number of locations throughout January 2020 including, Railway Terrace, Pound Street, Kent Street, Cope Street and Annerley Road near Cornwall Street in Dutton Park.

Work may include:

  • Excavation using a vacuum truck to identify existing underground utility services
  • Trenching to relocate underground utility services
  • Localised traffic control arrangements.


Outlook Park

In January, Outlook Park will be closed and work to relocate the park to its new temporary location will commence.

The new temporary Outlook Park, located closer to Dutton Park State School, will be opened in early 2020.

Interruptions to power, telecommunications, or gas supply

Some work may require temporary interruption to services. The community will be notified by the service provider where required.

Outages can also be monitored through service provider’s websites:


Work hours

Work will generally occur intermittently between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday, weather and construction conditions permitting.

However, some work may be required out of hours or at night due to traffic restrictions and to maintain the safety of the community and our workers. We will notify nearby residents of night work.

Workers may arrive onsite one hour prior to the work start times to prepare for the shift’s activities.

Christmas closedown

The Boggo Road station site will close from Friday 20 December 2019 and will reopen on Monday 6 January 2020. Intermittent site inspections and
maintenance will occur during this period.

The project information line will remain open during this period.

What to expect

Nearby businesses and residents can expect:

  • An increase in construction workers and vehicles in the area.
  • A potential increase in noise, dust and vibration. These impacts will be reduced as much as possible.
  • Trucks delivering machinery and materials.
  • Intermittent temporary changed traffic and pedestrian conditions.

All efforts are made to reduce impacts to the community in close proximity to project work. If you have any questions about the project, call 1800 010 875 to speak to a member of the Cross River Rail Tunnel & Stations team.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: