Boggo Road station construction update - April 2020

Site establishment activities and utility relocations continue at the Boggo Road station site as part of the Cross River Rail project.


Construction activities continue

Throughout April 2020 activities on site will include:

  • installing a capping beam to secure the piles together
  • starting excavation of the station box
  • removal of excavated material from site by trucks
  • installation of permanent site fencing
  • delivery and construction of site office buildings and
    worker facilities on Boggo Road
  • construction of internal roads and concrete paths
  • earthwork activities
  • machinery and equipment deliveries
  • Boggo Road and Joe Baker Street realignment work.

During the delivery and installation of the site office buildings there may be short delays for pedestrians using the pedestrian pathway from Boggo Road Busway to Boggo Road. Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum.

Outlook Park

During April, work will continue to relocate play equipment to the temporary Outlook Park location which will be located closer to Dutton Park State School.

Boggo Road Busway realignment

From late April, the Boggo Road Busway lanes will be partially realigned for a short distance in the vicinity of the Boggo Road busway station adjacent to Park Road railway station. This will enable a section of the Busway retaining wall to be safely demolished and further project activities such as excavation for the Boggo Road station ‘box’ to commence. Several lighting poles will also be relocated.

This work will be undertaken at night to eliminate disruptions to Busway services. Nearby residents and businesses will be notified prior to the night work.

Service relocations

Utility service relocation work on Joe Baker Street and Boggo Road will continue over the coming months. Some of this work will be performed by the relevant asset owner/s.

Activities will include:

  • saw cutting sections of footpath and excavating trenches in Joe Baker Street and Boggo Road to install water and sewer infrastructure
  • intermittent interruptions to local traffic and lane closures under the direction of traffic control
  • temporary closure of all car parking spaces along the western side of Joe Baker Street for the duration of the work
  • temporary pedestrian access changes along Joe Baker Street and Boggo Road. Pedestrians will be temporarily diverted to the walkway between Ecosciences and Boggo Road Goal.

Property access will be maintained at all times during work. Motorbike parking on Joe Baker Street will remain open.


Register to receive free SMS messages

The Cross River Rail Tunnel & Stations contractor will be sending free SMS messages prior to high impact tunnelling activities and selected night work. There will be no cost to receive these messages.

To subscribe to this service, please send your name and phone number to [email protected] or via text message to 0419 679 314 (msg & data rates may apply).

Personal information collected by Cross River Rail Tunnel & Stations for the purposes of SMS services will be managed in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (QLD).

If you have any questions, please call 1800 010 875.

Service investigations and CCTV inspections

Throughout April, surveyors and other workers may be seen in several locations around Dutton Park station and Boggo Road. This may include Peter Doherty Street, Railway Terrace, Dutton Street, Rawnsley Street, Pound Street, Kent Street, Cope Street, Noble Street, Sampson Street and Annerley Road near Cornwall Street in Dutton Park.

These activities will include:

  • CCTV inspections and pressure cleaning of water and sewer infrastructure
  • geotechnical investigations using a truck-mounted drill rig to take samples of ground/soil conditions
  • utility investigation and reinstatement activities
  • the use of survey equipment, vacuum excavation trucks, road saws, small excavators, tipper trucks, compactors, truck-mounted geotechnical drilling rigs and specialist CCTV vehicles.


Interruptions to power, telecommunications, or gas supply

Some work may require temporary interruption to services. The community will be notified by the service provider where required.

Outages can also be monitored through service provider websites:


What to expect

Nearby businesses and residents can expect:

  • An increase in construction workers and vehicles in the area
  • An increase in truck movements to and from the Boggo Road station site
  • A potential increase in noise, dust and vibration. These impacts will be reduced as much as possible
  • Intermittent maintenance activities
  • Trucks removing and delivering machinery and materials to the work site
  • Temporary changed pedestrian access
  • Temporary changed traffic conditions including lane closures.

Work is subject to relevant approvals and suitable weather conditions.

Work hours

Work will generally occur between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday, weather and construction conditions permitting.

However, some work may be required at night due to traffic restrictions and to maintain the safety of the community and our workers. We will notify nearby residents of night work.

Workers may arrive onsite one hour prior to the work start times to prepare for the shift’s activities.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: