Boggo Road and Southern Area construction update- April to May 2023

Throughout April and May 2023, we will see the new pedestrian bridge at Boggo Road start to take shape. Please refer to the pedestrian and cycle bridge construction update for more information.

At the Boggo Road station, work will continue with the installation of steel, concrete and precast concrete segments as construction reaches ground level.


Southern Tunnel Portal construction

Permanent lining of the tunnel portal continues with steel installation and concreting.

Construction activities include:

  • Installing steel reinforced concrete to continue the tunnel portal connection
  • Use of cranes and other large machinery
  • Maintenance work on the existing rail infrastructure within the rail corridor.

Utilities work in this area will include:

  • Excavating, concrete pumping, pipe connections and manhole construction to connect the new sewer and stormwater drainage on Railway Terrace
  • Demolishing concrete and reinstatement activities (asphalting) on Railway Terrace and Kent Street
  • Service relocation work within the Boggo Road station worksite and Railway Terrace work area north of Rawnsley Street.


Extended rail closure

From Friday 7 April to Thursday 27 April, there will be track closures across the Queensland Rail network to enable Cross River Rail works.

Train customers must plan their journey in advance. We suggest using the resources listed below:

Pedestrian and cycling bridge construction

Construction of the pedestrian and cycle bridge will continue throughout April and May.

You can see our dedicated webpage to learn more.

Construction works at Boggo Road station box.

Boggo Road station construction

In February 2023, Boggo Road station finished installing the precast concrete beams that will form the mezzanine level inside the underground cavern. Installing these precast beams continues within the rest of the station as well as construction of the future platforms.

Throughout April and May 2023, we will commence fit out in the southern end of the station building with electrical and mechanical services. Work to build retaining walls near the Boggo Road busway will also start and will include temporary lane

Construction activities include:

  • Ongoing steel installation within the station box
  • Concrete pours scheduled overnight or in the early hours of the morning
  • Arrival and installation of precast concrete segments at night due to the size and traffic permit requirements
  • Delivery of equipment and materials via Boggo Road, Joe Baker Street and Peter Doherty Street (including night works)
  • Use of cranes, concrete pumps and other large machinery.


During construction, you may notice:

  • Boggo Road station construction hours are 24 hours Monday to Friday and 6.30am – 6.30pm on Saturdays.
  • Southern Tunnel Portal including pedestrian and cycle bridge construction hours are 24 hours, seven days a week. This includes work during weekend rail corridor closures.
  • Construction activities may generate increased levels of noise, dust and vibration, and will be mitigated onsite where possible.
  • Construction vehicles travelling to and from the worksite via Boggo Road, Joe Baker Street and Peter Doherty Street, Rawnsley Street, Railway Terrace, Dutton Street and Kent Street
  • Delivery of materials and equipment to the worksite including at night including extended concrete pours scheduled to start early in the morning.
  • Temporary closures of local streets including Kent, Joe Baker and Peter Doherty streets.
  • Potential short term disruption to utility services. Additional notification will be provided if impacts are expected.

Residents who are directly impacted by our works will be contacted closer to the time with specific information on works near to them.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form:

You can use the below details if you’d like to speak to a member of the Cross River Rail Tunnels and Stations team: