Tracking our TBMs

Our two Tunnel Boring Machines – Else and Merle – have now been launched.

You can check out their progress on our map below as they make their way from Woolloongabba to Albert Street, before continuing to Roma Street and finally emerging at the project’s northern portal at Normanby.

Two roadheaders will also dig twin tunnels south from Woolloongabba to Boggo Road.

You can find out more about all things tunnelling on our ‘Guide to tunelling page’.

TBM Else

3,017 metres


TBM Merle

2,614 metres


Roadheader One

859 metres


Roadheader Two

864 metres


Cross passages

Cross passages have not been added to the tracker above but information about them and their locations can be viewed here.

If you need to talk to a member of our team about cross passage construction, you can find our contact details here.

Learn more

Our TBMs are named after two awesome women who were groundbreakers in their own right, here in Queensland. Our roadheaders don’t have names but are equally awesome! You can read more by clicking the links below.

Find out more about Else Shepherd.

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Find out more about our roadheaders.