Development assessment

The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority has been delegated, by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland, functions and powers to undertake development assessment within the Cross River Rail Priority Development Areas (CRR PDAs), including:

  • Albert Street CRR PDA
  • Boggo Road CRR PDA
  • Roma Street CRR PDA, and
  • Woolloongabba CRR PDA.

Pre-lodgement processes

Engaging with the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority through its pre-lodgement processes is the most effective way of streamlining and frontloading assessments. The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority encourages applicants to consider using its free pre-lodgement processes, which can be tailored to ensure maximum value. Depending on the nature and complexity of the proposal, pre-application processes may involve any or a mix of the following:

  • a meeting or series of meetings
  • phone calls and teleconferences
  • written feedback
  • design review sessions, and
  • associated document reviews.

Please email pre-lodgement queries to [email protected]

To request a pre-lodgement meeting, please complete the following form:

PDA development applications

To make a PDA development application or a change to PDA development approval, please download and complete the following form:

Other applications and requests

To make applications or requests for the below listed matters, please download and complete the relevant form:

Assessment fees

The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority’s assessment fees are identified in the fees and charges schedule. To ensure assessment fees are calculated correctly, applicants will receive a fee quote with payment options following lodgement. Queries about assessment fees should be sent to [email protected]

View PDA development applications and approvals

No applications are currently under assessment and no approvals have been issued.