Woolloongabba station reaches new heights

The services building at Cross River Rail’s Woolloongabba station has “topped out”, in another major milestone for the transformational project.

An innovative jumpform method – a self-supporting way of concrete construction where each level is built on top of the last – was used to construct the building out of Woolloongabba’s 33-metre-deep station box.

Station box rising above the ground at Woolloongabba.


Around 4,100 cubic metres of concrete and 900 tonnes of steel reinforcement were used to complete the jump, which now reaches about 22 metres above ground level.

Crews have shifted their attention towards the underground station now the jumpform has been completed, with a specialist team currently working on the future mezzanine level.

Woolloongabba station will be open in time for the first Cross River Rail service in 2025.