Thank you for your patience during track closures

Rail customers are thanked for their continued patience during extended track closures throughout December and January, which allowed important Cross River Rail works to be carried out.

In what were the biggest track closures to date for Cross River Rail, a huge amount of critical work was able to take place with approximately 500 workers involved on sites both north and south of the city.

Old tracks were removed and new tracks installed, track heights were raised, layouts were realigned and materials were delivered and installed over track paths as part of station rebuilds.

Cross River Rail Delivery Authority CEO Graeme Newton said the works could not have been completed safely or effectively while trains were operating.

“The track closures have allowed crews to undertake an incredible amount of work safely and efficiently in the rail corridor,” Mr Newton said.

“While the work was deliberately scheduled during the quietest time of the year, we do appreciate some people had to change how they got around during this time.

“We thank everyone for their patience while this critical work was carried out.

“Thank you also to the roughly 500 workers who gave up time with loved ones during the festive period to ensure the works were a success.”

The works included the removal of 850 metres of “balloon loop” at Mayne Yard stabling facility, which has been seamlessly replaced by a new shunt neck to allow trains to switch lines and is already in use.

The installation of the new shunt neck is a significant milestone for the structure of the South East Queensland rail network, with the previous balloon loop used to turn trains around on to other lines since the early 1900s.

At Dutton Park, the final two sections of the station’s pedestrian overpass were lifted into place.

The segments weighed in at a combined 45 tonnes.

You can watch a timelapse of the process below.