School kids taught to ‘Look out, construction is about’

Cross River Rail is a significant infrastructure project with large construction worksites at multiple locations around Brisbane.

Safety is the project’s number one priority and the team on the Boggo Road worksite have worked closely with Dutton Park State School to develop an important safety campaign for the children, families and staff.

This important ‘Look out, construction about’ safety campaign has been launched just in time for school to return after the mid-year school holidays.

As the new school term starts it’s important to remind students, parents and the local community to stay alert near the Cross River Rail Boggo Road site.

School zones are often busy during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times, so the new campaign reinforces the message to kids to STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! THINK!

A road safety sign on the ground next to a road. A construction site is on the other side of the road

The bright and colourful ‘Look out, construction about’ campaign kit has been distributed to the School, with stickers, posters, decal footpath stickers all aimed at promoting safety near a construction site to the kids, their families, and the school staff.

Cross River Rail is also working with the school to monitor traffic flow around school zones and will continue to focus on safety with the local community around the Boggo Road station site and all Cross River Rail station locations.