Roma Street hits ground level in latest Cross River Rail milestone

Construction works in the 20-metre-deep station box at Cross River Rail’s Roma Street site have reached ground level, marking the mega project’s latest milestone.

While the ground level – or L0 – does not look like much more than a concrete slab, it is the significant work that has taken place beneath it which makes the milestone so impressive.

The station box will house the lifts and escalators customers will use on their way down to the underground platforms.

The progress so far is equivalent of a six-storey building being constructed below ground – crews have used 7,520 cubic metres of concrete and 14,700 tonnes of steel in the station box so far.

Render of proposed design of the future Roma Street station.

With about 150 workers on site, progress will become more visible during 2023.

Construction is continuing on the back-of-house structure within the station box, which will start to rise out of the ground early this year.

Piling works will also commence shortly ahead of installation of structural steel for the station’s canopy towards the middle of the year.

When the canopy is complete, it will rise approximately 23 metres above ground level.

As all of this work takes place, it will mean changes throughout the year to access for customers using the existing Roma Street station, with details to be made available well in advance.

Meanwhile, works are also progressing well in the 280-metre-long station cavern, with about 13,100 cubic metres of concrete and 1,800 tonnes of steel used to complete its permanent lining.

Roma Street station, which will become our state’s single most significant transport interchange, is just one of four underground stations under construction and one of more than 15 separate sites where work is currently underway to deliver this transformational project.

Roma Street fast facts

  • Construction in the 20-metre-deep Roma Street station box has now reached the surface – or L0 – level;
  • 7,520 cubic metres of concrete and 14,700 tonnes of steel has been installed in the station box so far;
  • The station box will house the main station, which will rise 23 metres above ground level, and the lift and escalators that will transport people to platform level.
  • The new Roma Street station platforms will be about 220-metres long and set up to 27 metres below the ground.
  • More than 46,000 people are expected to use the new Roma Street station each weekday by 2036.