Next generation of construction professionals rebuilds Rocklea shelter

An ageing waiting shelter at Rocklea has been rebuilt and will take pride of place at the revamped station when it opens following Cross River Rail works.

Rocklea, one of Brisbane’s oldest train stations, is one of seven stations on the city’s southside that is being upgraded as part of the transformational project.

The shelter was reconstructed in the 1950s due to fire damage, and returned to the Rocklea platform.

It was safely removed again and stored in 2022 after investigations found it could not be repaired and reinstated.

Now, thanks to Constructionarium Australia and its team of up-and-coming professionals in the construction industry, the shelter has been rebuilt to current building codes, while still maintaining the character and original elements of the historical structure.

People in high visibility clothing standing under a reconstructed shelter.

Constructionarium Australia is a non-for-profit organisation that helps the next generation of infrastructure, engineering and construction professionals gain skills by working on a real construction project, such as the Rocklea shelter rebuild.

Students developed practical project development, leadership and teamwork skills during the construction, which took place at the Construction Training Centre at Sailsbury.

The rebuilt shelter will open alongside the upgraded Rocklea station, a nod to the history of one of Brisbane’s oldest train stations.

Cross River Rail Delivery Authority Graeme Newton said: “What a wonderful project for the revamped Rocklea station.

“As one of the oldest train stations in the city, it’s important to acknowledge the station’s past and the rebuilding of this shelter is the perfect way to do that.

“Thank you to Contstructionarium Australia and the participants for their work.”