New look at our stations of the future

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The design for the interior of Cross River Rail’s four new underground stations has been revealed at a warehouse where elements of the stations have been constructed in advance.

Crews at the facility have modelled sections of the platform and mezzanine levels that will be built in the new Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street stations.

Each of the underground stations share a set of common design components, helping provide an easy and familiar passenger experience.

Digital render of the new Roma Street station.
Render of a future Cross River Rail underground station. Note: Concept only – not final for design of build.

The stations’ ceiling design is a nod to the classic Queenslander veranda, featuring expressed ‘rafters’ and panel joints, as opposed to the curved profile used by most underground stations across the world.

While each of the underground station’s platform and mezzanine levels will be similar, their floors and ceilings will have different colours, each chosen to reflect the area’s surroundings.

The warehouse where these elements have been constructed is used to see how the materials at each station work together, and to show stakeholders – like Cross River Rail’s accessibility reference group – the design up close.

You can watch recent media coverage featuring the warehouse below.