Huge milestone as Albert Street station takes shape beneath Brisbane

Construction of Cross River Rail’s Albert Street station has reached a major milestone, with key sections of the cavern completed.

Crews have made incredible progress underground, completing the mezzanine level – where people will take the final escalators down onto the station platform – and the platform itself.

Both milestones represent significant feats of engineering, with the mezzanine level made up of 183 pre-cast concrete beams, each up to 19 metres wide and weighing up to 70 tonnes.

The 220-metre-long platform is made up of 368 precast culverts, each weighing 6.5 tonnes.

Every single piece of the station had to be lowered into the cavern down a 31-metre-deep access shaft.

Escalators are due to arrive on site and preparation works are underway for tracks to be laid in the station cavern over the coming months.

While tracks are being laid, crews will also start installing platform screen doors.


Albert Street cavern fast facts:

  • Albert Street cavern is 290-metres long, up to 34 metres underground, and generated about 83,000 cubic metres of spoil to excavate.
  • The cavern’s permanent lining is made up of around 17,738 cubic metres of concrete, about 2,977 tonnes of steel and 12,816 square metres of waterproofing membrane.
  • The mezzanine level – about 25 metres below street level – is made up of 183 concrete beams, each weighing up to 70 tonnes.
  • The 220-metre-long platform is about 31 metres below ground and made up of 368 6.5 tonne culverts.
  • While the platforms will be within the station cavern, crews are also constructing a 50-metre deep station entrance and a second 28-metre deep northern entrance.