Hi-tech fit out transforming Cross River Rail tunnels deep below Brisbane

With tracks already laid, progress is continuing deep beneath Brisbane on the next critical phase of works in Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels.

About 180 workers are involved in the tunnel fit-out, which includes installing emergency walkways, pipes and hundreds of kilometres of various kinds of cabling to ensure the safe and reliable operation of trains in the tunnels.


All 10 kilometers of emergency tunnel walkways are currently under construction and are progressing at various rates towards completion. 13 kilometers of pipe installation is nearing completion, with the remaining infill pieces left to be installed.

About 22 kilometres of “leaky feeder” cables have been installed to date, which provide communications coverage through the tunnels, including for mobile phones and train signalling equipment.

Hundreds of more kilometres of electrical and high-speed fibre optic cables will also be installed, allowing equipment in the tunnels to be monitored and operated remotely.


Meanwhile, work is also progressing well on the 16 cross passages that link the twin tunnels, with features such as lights, speakers, cameras, smoke detectors and emergency phones being installed.

The cross passages, which connect Cross River Rail’s parallel train tunnels every 240 metres, are an important safety features that allow people to move from one tunnel to the other in the unlikely event of an emergency.

As the walkway and cable installation moves closer to completion, focus will shift to installation of the overhead electrical system that will supply power to the trains as they travel through the tunnels.

The majority of tunnel fit-out works is expected to be completed in early 2024, which will be followed by extensive testing and commissioning.