Cross River Rail underground stations taking shape as first escalators installed

The first of almost 100 escalators to be installed in Cross River Rail’s new underground stations are now in place at the project’s Woolloongabba site, marking a significant milestone for the transformational project.

The two escalators in the Woolloongabba station cavern are the first of 95 escalators that will progressively arrive to be installed in Cross River Rail’s underground stations, including Woolloongabba (24 escalators in total), Albert Street (29), Roma Street (28) and Boggo Road (14).


The installation of the escalators, which are each 12 metres long and weigh 17.5 tonnes, heralds the next phase of construction as the project moves from excavation and bulk civil works to the mechanical and electrical fit out of the stations themselves.

The escalators being installed in the station cavern will take passengers to and from the train platform and station concourse, while even bigger escalators – each 21 metres long and weighing about 26 tonnes – that will take passengers from the surface down into the underground stations are still to come.

Each underground station will also include elevators, which will assist passengers with accessibility needs.

Escalator being installed in the underground Woolloongabba station.


Meanwhile, the future Woolloongabba station itself is progressing well, with 113 of 181 concrete beams now installed for the mezzanine – the level that sits above the platform level.

The platforms themselves are also taking shape, with about 198 metres of the station’s 220-metre-long platform completed so far.

Check out the video below to see what the station will look when construction is complete.