Cross River Rail creating inclusive transport

To learn from commuters’ experiences and to hear from as many voices as possible while we are constructing Cross River Rail, we consult across a wide range of community groups.

One of the key groups we consult with is our Accessibility Reference Group. The group meets monthly and includes people with lived experience of disability, who provide valuable insights into the project’s design and the usability of our stations and precincts.

The group also participates in site visits, which are a crucial opportunity for the group to get a feel for ‘on the ground’ conditions, and help inform the project about how to create inclusive and functional spaces within Cross River Rail’s new and upgraded stations.

So far, the group has provided input on:

  • Roma Street Busway station temporary access;
  • Lifts at Fairfield to Salisbury upgraded stations;
  • Station wayfinding for commuters with low or no vision or hearing;
  • Underground station detailed design; and
  • Aboveground station concept designs.

Cross River Rail is creating a legacy of inclusion for future Queensland infrastructure projects and the Accessibility Reference Group’s contributions will help ensure Cross River Rail’s new underground and upgraded above ground stations are easy to navigate for everyone.

The group’s important work will continue over the life of the project.

group of people having a discussion on a train platform. one of the people uses a wheelchair
guide dogs visiting the Experience Centre
tactile model of the proposed upgrades to Fairfield station
two people in wheelchairs being escorted through a construction zone by a staff member in high visibility uniform
person in a wheelchair ready to enter a lift inside a train station