Cross River Rail bringing work home for Queensland specialists

Cross River Rail bringing work home for Queensland specialists

Cross River Rail is Queensland’s largest infrastructure project and construction is pumping $4 million into the local economy every day despite COVID-19.

This has given certainty to more than 2,400 workers who have been able to continue to take home a pay packet to their families at a time when the economy needs it most. It is also providing work for over 400 Queensland companies who make up the project’s supply chain.

IDEC is a great example of these benefits. A Queensland company based in Murarrie that has secured a $2.4 million contract to build the giant acoustic sheds at three of Cross River Rail’s major construction sites.

The sheds at the Roma Street and Albert Street station sites are already complete, and work is now underway on a third shed at Woolloongabba.

The contract means 12 months’ continuous work for the over 70 local workers at IDEC, including local boilermakers, roof panel builders and riggers, as well as engineers and designers. Two apprentices are also getting their start in the construction industry thanks to the Government’s commitment to keeping Cross River Rail construction moving.


The sheds that IDEC build help reduce noise and dust at the Project’s worksites and also provide all weather protection for station tunnelling works.

The sheds also allow for night works to be carried out and construction to continue during bad weather.

IDEC CEO Glenn Gibson said the company was proud to be working on Queensland soil as part of the State’s largest infrastructure project.

“We are specialists in our field, and contracts like this one with Cross River Rail are vital for companies like ours to provide continuity and job security for our staff.”

“We take great pride in our innovative construction approach, using a fully-modular construction system. The steel framework, concrete wall and roof panels are all prefabricated before delivery to site for construction. This reduces our time on site and the impact to the local area.”

Acoustic Shed fast facts:

  • Each shed is the height of a six-storey building
  • The sheds are 30 metres wide and 60 metres long
  • It takes 10 weeks on site to build each shed and a further 12 weeks pre-fabrication
  • Acoustic sheds reduce noise and dust at worksites
  • The Albert Street shed will reduce construction noise by up to 57 decibels

Dimensions of acoustic sheds:

  • Roma Street: 18m high x 26m wide x 59m long
  • Albert Street: 18m high x 30m wide x 60m long
  • Woolloongabba: 18m high x 30m wide x 60m long