Cross River Rail and COVID-19


Cross River Rail is a major contributor towards sustaining the Queensland economy during the COVID-19 pandemic through the employment of almost 1,800 workers across eight different work sites, and continues to inject over $2.8 million per day (over $85 million per month) into the economy (over 90 percent is within the Queensland economy).

The safety and hygiene of all workers on the Cross River Rail project is paramount and the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority (the Delivery Authority) is in constant dialogue with government and major works contractors to ensure best possible practice is adhered to at offices and worksites.

Major works contractors have proactively implemented significant social distancing and other protective measures to maintain safe operations across the Project’s multiple sites to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Strict containment protocols have also been initiated at each site so if a positive case is reported at a location, continued operations of that and other sites could occur following relevant sanitisation measures.

Over 95 percent of the Delivery Authority’s office workforce is now working from home.

The Delivery Authority’s current focus is to keep Cross River Rail mobilised throughout this significant event and is working closely with the contractors, who in turn are working with suppliers and unions, to put in place exhaustive mitigation measures to ensure the safety of workers and the maintenance of the Project’s momentum to support the Queensland economy.