Celebrating National Skills Week!

Cross River Rail is proud to be providing on the job training for people who have chosen vocational education and training (VET) as their pathway into a career.

To date, more than 342 apprentices and trainees have gained experience on our worksites or administration offices, and this week we are shining a spotlight on just a few of these team players.

Meet some of the team

Brock – apprentice carpenter

Brock working on site.

Brock is a first-year apprentice carpenter with Kenny Constructions who works on Cross River Rail’s Boggo Road station.

Although Brock is new to the team, he’s excited to be a part of the project and loves working with his teammates.

“So far, I’ve been moving materials, cleaning up, demolishing concrete and building wooden structures.”

James – Trainee Concreter

James Coolwell working on site.

This is James, he is a Trainee Concreter with East Coast Concreting working on Cross River Rail station sites.

His greatest achievement on this project so far is getting the job done and learning new skills every day.

What is he looking forward to most? “Getting the job over the line in a safe, manageable way and travelling to AFL games using Cross River Rail trains!”.

Bayley – Certificate III in Steel Fixing

Bailey working on site.


Meet Bayley he is an apprentice working on the Cross River Rail Tunnel and Stations Project currently undertaking a certificate III in Steel Fixing with BE Steel Fixing at the Boggo Road site.

Bayley has a background in construction and says the best thing about his apprenticeship so far is expanding his knowledge base.

“Getting to know the work on this site and learning a new skill. Once you get the basics, it feels like you’re flying through the work.”

Ty – Trainee Rigger

Ty Porter wearing high-vis clothing out on the worksite.

Say hi to Ty, a Trainee Rigger from Mulherin Rigging & Cranes working on the Cross River Rail underground stations.

Ty has worked on various different scopes and he says the traineeship has helped him transition from high school into the construction industry.

“The people I get to work with everyday have been the best part of the project. They’ve helped me transition out of high school and into the industry” says Ty.