Woolloongabba station construction update - April and May 2024

The first piece of station art has landed at the Woolloongabba station. Measuring a total 16 metres high and 21 metres wide, the artwork can be seen in the main station atrium. The circles symbolise gathering sites that were an important part of Aboriginal life in this place. Here, Elisa Jane Carmichael acknowledges the ways the land would move and shift over time, as a result of walking, dancing and ceremony, creating patterns on the surface.

Having completed this major site milestone, escalator installation and other fit out works will continue in the main station atrium and station cavern. In the wider Woolloongabba station precinct, temporary traffic changes for utility works are ongoing on Main, Leopard, Gibbon, and other local streets. This work will enable utility services to be connected from the main service lines to the future Woolloongabba station.


Woolloongabba escalator being lifted by 800T crawler crane prior to installation. 
Woolloongabba escalator being lifted by 800T crawler crane prior to installation.


Details of work

Rail construction and tunnel fit out

Ongoing until end of project.

The below tunnelling and tunnelling support activities are undertaken 24 hours a day.

  • Installing mechanical and electrical components such as cabling, fire safety mechanisms, walkways, communication networks lighting and CCTV
  • Excavating and demolishing temporary concrete ramps in the cavern and station box
  • Mass concrete pours for track installation
  • Materials delivery associated with rail installation and fit out
  • Rail track installation within the station box


Escalator installation and completed station artwork in the main station atrium at the Woolloongabba Station. 
Escalator installation and completed station artwork in the main station atrium at the Woolloongabba Station.

Station building, services building and surface works

Ongoing until end of project

The below works will be undertaken during the standard construction hours, 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday. Some activities will be completed out of normal construction hours, 6.30pm to 6.30am, due to traffic permits, safety requirements and construction methodology. Nearby residents will be notified in advance via letterbox drop. Tunnelling support activities are undertaken 24 hours a day.

  • Assembling mezzanine precast beam segments and lifting the segments into the station box for installation. Cranes will operate during day and night shifts
  • Precast concrete beam assembly and concrete preparation
  • Platform construction and associated structures in the south cavern, north cavern and station box
  • Installing glazing, cladding, structural steel and escalators in the main station atrium
  • Continued mass earthworks to fill the decline ramp leading down into the station box
  • Vegetation removal where required
  • Concrete deliveries for related station structure pours**.
  • Cutting and fixing steel reinforcement bars and mesh
  • Ongoing concrete pours to construct the building floors and walls
  • Mechanical and electrical fit out within the services building and basement levels
  • Installing fencing, earthworks, retention works and construction to build the retaining wall along the boundary of the Woolloongabba busway and Main Street. Detours will be in place and access changes around the Woolloongabba area
  • Utility service construction conducted by Energex and Telstra on Leopard Street, Main Street and Gibbon Street. These may require temporary traffic and pedestrian changes
  • Sewer inspection, survey, geotechnical works and water monitoring in and around the Woolloongabba site as well as in Main, Leopard and Gibbon streets. Some temporary lane/road closures and pedestrian footpath detours may be required for this work. Further notification to be provided
  • Assembling and installing the station canopy structure, escalators, lift shafts, and platform screen doors (PSD).
  • Out-of-hours deliveries, mobilisation and demobilisation of large plant and vehicles due to traffic permit restrictions
  • Out-of-hours surface works will continue including hammering, water blasting, steel cutting / fixing, drainage and concrete pumping.

**Please note concrete deliveries to site are permitted 24/7.Work is subject to relevant approvals and suitable conditions.

What to expect

  • Potential noise, dust, and vibration from construction activities both underground, in the tunnels and on the surface of the site, including outside of standard construction hours
  • Temporary lighting for out-of-hours works in the station box, decline ramp and busway work area
  • 24-hour ongoing underground work along the tunnel alignment
  • Out-of-hours deliveries of large trucks and plant. This includes mobilisation, set up and demobilisation. Short term road closures in the area may also be required
  • Continued utility investigations, surveying, geotechnical works and service relocation activities, both on and off site. Temporary pedestrian and lane detours and closures may be required to facilitate these works
  • Ongoing intermittent lane, road and footpath detours and closures at Gibbon Street, Stanley Street service road, Leopard Street and Main Street
  • Ongoing footpath closure between Main Street and Woolloongabba station platform 2 due to retaining wall works
  • Temporary footpath reopening during AFL game days between Platform 2 and Main Street – learn more here.

Work is subject to relevant approvals and suitable weather conditions.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: