Signalling infrastructure – Sandgate

Hitachi Rail is continuing construction work along the Shorncliffe Line to deliver Brisbane’s new railway signalling system as part of the Cross River Rail Project.


Details of work

Construction continues near the Curlew Street car park at Sandgate station with the installation of a radio mast and antennas to occur between Saturday 14 August and Saturday 4 September 2021.

The majority of works will occur between 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. Activities will include drilling, excavation, trenching, concreting, cabling works, installing signalling equipment and equipment housing, fitting of hardware to the mast and raising it.

To facilitate works, some activities will be undertaken outside of normal construction hours at Sandgate station and are listed below.

From 6.00am Saturday 14 to 6.00pm Sunday 15 August, digging and concreting of foundations for mast installation works will occur.

From 6.00am to 6.00pm Saturday 21 August, the installation of ducting will occur.

From 6.00am Saturday 28 August to 6.00pm Sunday 29 August, installation of hardware will occur.

Other low impact night works will be undertaken along the Shorncliffe line throughout August including signalling modifications and cable hauling near Sandgate. For details, please see previous August works notification.

Radio masts and antennas

New signalling equipment will be installed in the rail corridor near the Curlew Street carpark at Sandgate station. This will consist of a radio mast (20 metres high) and antennas, hardware cabinets, cabling and equipment on and alongside the railway line.

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What to expect

The Curlew Street car park will be closed to motorists and pedestrians between 5.00am Saturday 14 August and 6.00pm Sunday 15 August to allow construction equipment to safely access the rail corridor. Please see map above for access arrangements.

What to expect if you live alongside the rail corridor

Residents along the rail corridor may experience an increase in dust and noise associated with the use of machinery and equipment (including drill rig, excavator, vacuum truck, concrete truck, crane and construction vehicles).

To minimise impacts, environmental controls will manage noise and dust, and all workers will be briefed on key community and environmental considerations.

What to expect if you’re a rail customer

Cross River Rail will transform how we travel to, from, and through Brisbane in the future. But building Cross River Rail means changes to travel and transport services during construction.

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