Roma Street station construction update - November 2022 to January 2023

In November, the Roma Street cavern team will reach a significant milestone with the completion of the permanent lining within the underground cavern. The team is also preparing for the first pre-cast beams to arrive that will form the mezzanine level of the future station.

Work to build the station and services buildings is ongoing with both buildings approaching ground level.


Station and cavern construction

In October, the services building reached ground level. Construction of the station building substructure is continuing and is expected to reach ground level in early 2023.

Work to build the new Roma Street station Platform 2 canopy is continuing with construction of the new columns complete and installation of the canopy taking place in late 2022 and early 2023.

In late 2022, preparation work for changes to the existing Roma Street station pedestrian access will commence.

These changes are required to allow construction of the future station throughout 2023. Additional information on these changes will be provided before being implemented. Construction activities in preparation for the upcoming pedestrian access switch will include:

  • Installing temporary overhead gantries
  • Demolishing the existing temporary access gantry.


Roma Street temporary footpath changes

Work along Roma Street to install underground utility services is underway, with activities taking place during the day and at night. Sections of the footpath have been temporarily realigned to facilitate work and allow for pedestrian access along Roma Street. This work is expected to continue until late 2022.

Roma Street underground cavern permanent lining is nearing completion.

Station and Services buildings – Roma Street

Constructing the new buildings

The below works are ongoing:

  • Cutting and fixing reinforcing steel and installing formwork.
  • Large concrete pours to construct the building floors and walls.
  • Installing pre-cast concrete panels.
  • Concrete demolition and temporary removal of overhead gantries.
  • Use of cranes both during the day and at night.
  • Installing underground utility services along Roma Street between Countess and Makerston streets.
  • Delivering equipment and materials to the worksite.


Roma Street station – Busway Platform 2

Platform 2 construction activities

The below works will occur until late 2022:

  • Installing steel, concrete and roof sheeting to construct the platform canopy.
  • Installing lighting, CCTV, drainage and other services.
  • Delivering equipment and materials to the worksite via the Roma Street construction site and on the busway. Lifts will be complete outside of bus operational hours.
  • Use of the Roma Street construction site tower crane and mobile cranes.


Underground cavern and tunnelling- Acoustic shed, corner of Roma Street and Parkland Boulevard

Cavern construction

The following works will be ongoing:

  • Installing steel and pouring concrete to finish building the cavern lining.
  • Delivering and installing precast concrete segments.
  • Transporting equipment and materials within the worksite.
  • Use of ventilation fan to facilitate underground activities.


Work during the holiday period

The Cross River Rail Tunnel and Stations team wishes you a safe and happy holiday.

Construction activities will be reduced for the Roma Street station and cavern between Friday 23 December 2022 and Tuesday 3 January 2023 for the holiday period. Additional information will be provided in December.

During construction, you may notice:

  • Roma Street station and cavern construction hours are 24 hours Monday to Friday and 6.30am – 6.30pm on Saturdays. Some activities may be required to take place outside of these hours, at times.
  • Construction activities may generate increased levels of noise, dust and vibration, and will be mitigated onsite where possible.
  • Construction vehicles travelling to and from the worksite via Roma Street.
  • Extended concrete pours are scheduled to start early in the morning.
  • Delivery of materials and equipment to the worksite including at night.
  • Temporary traffic and pedestrian changes on Roma Street and surrounding streets.

Nearby properties that are directly impacted by our works will be contacted closer to the time with specific information on activities near them.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: