Roma Street station construction update - February and March 2024

From February, the first permanent structural steel columns for the future Roma Street main station building canopy will be delivered and installed. Civil construction work will start in the Roma Street and Makerston Street intersection on infrastructure required to service the future underground station.

In the station cavern, rail installation is complete and service fit-out is ongoing ahead of escalator and platform screen door installation.


Canopy construction

From February 2024, steel for the main station building canopy roof will be delivered in segments and preassembled, then
fabricated into 19-metre-high columns to support the canopy roof structure.

During this time, the eastern tower crane will be dismantled ahead of delivery and assembly of 800 tonne and 350 tonne crawler cranes which will be used to lift canopy steel segments into position. Additionally, a large scaffold structure will be erected to facilitate installation of the canopy roof, which consists of five steel truss modules.

Roma Street and Makerston Street intersection civil works

Civil construction work will take place at the intersection of Roma Street and Makerston Street to construct a stormwater pit and a service tunnel. Construction includes excavation via a mini tunnel boring machine, excavation and digging, hand tools, road resurfacing and line marking.

Temporary lane closures and pedestrian detours will be required during these activities, with access maintained around work areas under the direction of traffic control. Due to traffic permit requirements and active traffic conditions during the day, some activities will be completed at night. More information about out of hours work will be provided prior to work commencing.

Air-conditioning plant room
Air-conditioning plant room

Main station entrance building

Roma Street – Opposite Makerston Street

The below works are ongoing and features both day and night work:

  • Formwork, steel reinforcement, concrete pouring and scaffolding installation.
  • Ground strengthening and foundation work including jackhammering and scaffolding.
  • Removal of scaffolding.
  • Heavy plant movement including the use of cranes, spoil haulage removal and vacuum trucks.
  • Canopy steel segment delivery, fabrication and erection requiring the use of rattle guns, hand tools, bolt tensioning, crane use and landing steel on steel.
  • Delivery and installation of structural steel, escalators, architectural panels and external cladding.


Western services building

Roma Street – Opposite Garrick Street

The below works are ongoing and features both day and night work:

  • Formwork, steel reinforcement and concrete pouring.
  • Structural works including concrete pumping, concrete drilling, and structural steel installation.
  • Internal fit-out and commissioning of service rooms requiring concrete sealing, epoxy flooring, ceiling and wall sheeting, blockwork, mechanical ventilation plant installation and cable pulling.
  • Removing external scaffolding, installation of external cladding and architectural panels.
  • Heavy plant movement including cranage, crane demobilisation and deliveries to and from site.
  • Concrete demolition of temporary internal walls and slabs.
  • Service trench digging, service relocation and utilities investigation.


Escalators spliced together on the station platform
Escalators spliced together on the station platform

Roma Street station

Busway Platform 1 & 2

The below works are ongoing and features both day and night work:

  • Installing a concrete boom pump, formwork and steel reinforcement.
  • Installing steel, roof sheeting, guttering and service fit-out to construct the platform canopy.
  • Delivery of equipment via Roma Street and busway at night outside of operational hours.
  • Concrete demolition and utilities investigation using excavators, jackhammering, saw-cutting hand tools, and installation of noise blankets and hoarding to mitigate noise.
  • Constructing a lift shaft and stairs.
  • Busway platform 1 tie in to canopy pavilion area requiring rain screen installation, scaffolding, formwork, concrete pours, structural steel delivery and steel fixing.


Service work

Roma Street

The following works will be ongoing and features both day and night work:

  • Civil works in the intersection of Roma and Makerston Street requiring temporary lane closure of Roma Street westbound lane and temporary pedestrian detours managed by traffic control.
  • Service trench digging, service tunnel excavation with a mini tunnel boring machine, road resurfacing, line marking and traffic control set up.
  • Civil storm waterworks, sewer connection, and service utilities investigation and relocation.


Rail laid within the underground cavern
Architectural panel fit-out


Underground cavern

Cavern construction – acoustic shed, corner of Roma Street and Parkland Boulevard

The following works will be ongoing and features both day and night work:

  • Blockwork, service fit-out, cable pulling, and installation of mechanical and electrical ventilation
  • Formwork, steel reinforcement and concrete pours.
  • Backfilling the underground cavern’s main temporary egress access adit.
  • Delivery and installation of structural steel including escalator frames and segments, platform station doors and cable trays.


During construction, you may notice:

  • Roma Street station construction hours are 24 hours Monday to Friday and 6.30am – 6.30pm on Saturdays. Some activities may be required to take place outside of these hours.
  • Construction activities may generate increased levels of noise, dust and vibration, and will be mitigated onsite where possible.
  • Construction vehicles travelling to and from the worksite via Roma Street.
  • Delivery of materials and equipment to the worksite including at night.
  • Temporary traffic and pedestrian changes on Roma Street and surrounding streets.

Nearby properties that are directly impacted by our works will be contacted closer to the time with specific information on
activities near them.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: