What is the services building?

The services building is an important structure for the project and will house the mechanical and electrical support systems for the entire Cross River Rail network. It provides all station services including power, water, heating and ventilation, and communications to the underground station via a 150m service tunnel or ‘adit’.

Please see map below for location of the new services building.

Map of the new Roma Street Station entrance from May 2023.


How will the services building be constructed?

The services building will be constructed using a combination of precast concrete panels and typical concreting work in two parts:

  • the substructure (below ground); followed by
  • the superstructure (above ground).

The substructure forms the foundation of the building. First, a base slab is poured and then pre-cast concrete wall panels are installed onto the base slab. These walls will then be stitched together using steel and the area between them will be filled with concrete. Finally, a suspended slab will be poured over the top at ground-level to seal the substructure.

The substructure will be made up of a series of tiers, as the height of the concrete walls will vary. Within the substructure, there will be a service tunnel (adit) to connect the mechanical and electrical services housed within the services building to the underground station.

The same process of pouring a base slab, installing and infilling concrete walls, will be used to construct the superstructure.

Did you know

The services building provides power for Brisbane’s new railway signalling system, European Train Control System (ETCS).

ETCS will increase capacity and enhance safety on the rail network.

It is especially important for the safe operation of trains in the Cross River Rail tunnels.


What is the size of the services building?

The top of the building will be approximately 33 metres above surface level from Roma Street. The basement is 24.5 metres below surface level, making the entire structure 57.5 metres from basement to roof.

The building will be 42 metres between Roma Street and the Inner Northern Busway, and 21.5 metres wide.
Graphic of the new services building.

When will the services building be finished?

Construction of the services building will start in late-2021 and is due to be finished in mid-2022.

What are the construction work hours?

Standard construction hours are 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Saturday.

Work will occur outside standard construction hours. Further information will be distributed to surrounding residents and businesses when this occurs.

Typical work activities

Typical activities during construction of the building will involve:

  • Placement of precast concrete panels
  • Steel fixing and installation of formwork for large concrete pours
  • Scaffolding
  • Haulage of construction materials to and from site, including precast panels, steel deliveries, concrete trucks.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: