Tunnelling reaches halfway mark

Tunnelling on Cross River Rail has reached the halfway mark and as of Monday 26 July 2021, our TBMs are tunnelling deep under King George Square, on their way to the new underground cavern at Roma Street Station.

Watch the video below to see the scale of these massive machines as if they were on the surface and check out the graphic to see just how deep the twin tunnels will sit.

Cross River Rail’s mega machines are now more than halfway through their mammoth task of excavating the project’s twin tunnels beneath the Brisbane River and CBD.

Our two 1350-tonne Tunnel Boring Machines are already about two kilometres into their roughly four-kilometre journey from Woolloongabba to the project’s northern portal at Normanby, and are currently about 30 metres below King George Square.

TBM Else has already made her way directly beneath the inner-city landmark, with TBM Merle following close behind.

The huge milestone gives an insight into the sheer scale of Cross River Rail works going on out of sight beneath people’s feet.

Meanwhile, two 115-tonne roadheaders have also progressed more than 500 metres along their almost 900 metre journeys south from Woolloongabba to the new Boggo Road station.

Use the links below to find out more about our TBMs: