Hope Island station construction update - February 2024

Acciona Georgiou Joint Venture (AGJV) has been awarded the contract to design and build Hope Island station. Early works and site establishment have commenced ahead of major construction starting in the coming months.


Site establishment

In February, site establishment works will be ongoing within the future Hope Island station work area in Mangrove Jack Park.

Works will be undertaken between 7:00am until 5:00pm Monday to Saturday.

Works will include:

  • General earthworks and construction of temporary piling platforms adjacent to the rail corridor and temporary works area in Mangrove Jack Park
  • Relocation of underground utility service
  • Installation of temporary site facilities
  • Vegetation clearing to accommodate future works
  • Ongoing site investigation works including ground surveys and geotechnical assessments
  • Installation of temporary fencing along work area boundary and temporary work areas.


Piling works

In February, piling works are scheduled to commence for the construction of the elevated platform for the future Hope Island station.

Works will be undertaken between 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Saturday.

Works will include the use of piling rigs, cranes, excavators, trucks, concrete trucks and pumps.

Piling facts: Hope Island station

  • Bored piling will commence to construct the station foundations
  • 50 piles will be installed over a period of three months, primarily during daytime hours
  • If night works are necessary, advance notice will be provided to residents
  • The station foundations will be built using bored piles with a steel pile liner
  • Bored piling has been determined as the best construction method as it reduces the community and environmental impact, compared with other piling methods
  • Piling can result in increased levels of noise and vibration, with construction activities monitored
  • Nearby residents may feel slight vibrations as pile liners are vibrated into the ground.


Work area

Work area at Hope Island.


What to expect

  • Construction activities may generate increased levels of noise, dust and vibration in the area associated with the use of construction equipment and every effort will be taken to keep noise to a minimum
  • Comprehensive management plans and onsite controls have been established to monitor and mitigate impacts of construction, such as water carts for dust suppression
  • Vegetation clearing, in accordance with all relevant approvals, using fauna spotter/catchers
  • The use of machinery including graders, excavators, trucks, compaction equipment, vacuum trucks, cranes, chainsaws and mulchers, water carts, drill rigs, and other hand-held tools
  • There are pedestrian changes in Mangrove Jack Park, as per the map above
  • The temporary site compound will remain in place for the duration of construction and will be reinstated as public parkland at the completion of construction activities
  • Increased truck movements and workforce on site.

We appreciate your patience while we undertake these works.


If you have any enquiries or wish to speak with a member of the project team, please use the contact details below:

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: