Mayne Yard North construction update - April 2021

During April 2021, the UNITY Alliance will continue work in the Queensland Rail Mayne Yard North stabling facility for construction of the Cross River Rail project.


Details of work

The following activities are scheduled to occur between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday, during April 2021, weather and construction conditions permitting:

  • Earthworks and installation of stormwater drainage using heavy equipment such as excavators, vacuum trucks and tip trucks
  • Installation of new stabling yard perimeter security fencing
  • Delivery trucks and workers’ vehicles entering Mayne Yard North via the existing access road at Lanham Street,
    Bowen Hills and Grafton Street, Windsor
  • Installation of new public utilities (power, water and sewer) to accommodate new train crew facilities
  • Pilling and concrete works for retaining walls, necessary for the construction of new access roads and overpasses
  • Pier protection for existing rail overpasses within Mayne Yard
  • Ongoing installation of cable routes and pits within the rail corridor
  • Surveying and investigating underground services, such as water, electricity and gas.


Out of hours work

The activities outlined below will occur outside the project’s normal working hours. To ensure these works can be
undertaken safely and efficiently, there will be changes to train services from first service Friday 2 until last service
Wednesday 7 April 2021.

Please plan your journey at or call 13 12 30.

At Mayne Yard in Bowen Hills and intermittently between 10:00pm and 6:00am throughout April 2021, the following works will occur:

  • Directional drilling under track crossings for new cable routes
  • Installation of cable routes and pits within the rail corridor
  • Pulling new cables in conduits
  • Track work and maintenance.

At Mayne Yard in Bowen Hills and intermittently over the Easter long weekend between 2:00am Friday 2 April and 2:00am Tuesday 6 April 2021, the following works will occur:

  • Earthworks and drainage
  • Piling for pier protection works
  • Relocation of public utility services
  • Overhead mast foundation installation, signalling, track work and maintence within the rail corridor
  • Running test trains through Mayne Yard and surrounding area to test signalling equipment.


Mayne Yard North access and work area

Map showing work area within Mayne Yard North and construction access points off Lanham Street, Bowen Hills and Grafton Street, Windsor.

What to expect

During these works you may notice some intermittent disruptions such as:

  • Light vehicles, trucks and machinery including excavators, augers, vacuum trucks, directional drilling rigs, concrete trucks, small power tools, drills, saws, minor vibrating equipment and mobile lighting towers to light the work areas at night
  • Changes around your local area such as construction vehicles, traffic management signs and personnel
  • Access to site will be via Lanham Street, Bowen Hills
  • Some increased levels of noise, vibration and dust associated with the use of heavy machinery and equipment.

We appreciate your patience during construction and will continue to update you as work progresses.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: