Construction update Mayne Yard access Grafton Street, Windsor

From October 2020, the UNITY Alliance will commence using Grafton Street, Windsor to access the rail corridor to continue construction within the northern area of Queensland Rail’s train stabling facilities at Mayne Yard as part of the Cross River Rail project.

As part of Cross River Rail, new train stabling facilities, employee offices and maintenance facilities, fencing and car parking will be built at Mayne Yard north. To access project works areas, the Queensland Rail access gate on Grafton Street, Windsor (see map overleaf) will be used from early October 2020.

Works will involve the installation of new access gates, fencing, signs and line marking, minor earthworks and the installation of road gravel for access road resurfacing.

What to expect

During construction, you may notice some disruptions such as:

  • Increased construction vehicle movements on local roads
  • Increased levels of localised noise and dust from the use of heavy vehicles, mobile cranes, trucks and light vehicles
  • Delivery of plant, materials and equipment to the project corridor
  • Small power tools, drills, rail saws, minor vibrating equipment and mobile lighting towers to light the work areas at night if required.


map of Mayne Yard with a blue box on the northern end showing where works will occur.

Out-of-hours work

Some out of hours works will be required during the construction of the new Mayne Yard stabling facilities, including use of the Grafton Street access for construction vehicles.

We will notify any impacted residents or businesses ahead of any out-of-hours works taking place. We will continue to work closely with our neighbours as we deliver the Cross River Rail project and we will update you as work progresses.

We appreciate your patience during the construction period and will continue to update you as work progresses.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: