July weekend rail corridor works: Dutton Park, Park Road and Buranda stations

The Cross River Rail Tunnel and Stations team will be working in the rail corridor between Dutton Park, Park Road and Buranda stations from 2:00am Saturday 3 July until 4:00am Monday 5 July and from 2:00am Saturday 24 July until 4:00am Monday 26 July 2021.


Details of work

Full weekend closures are required to undertake key construction activities within the rail corridor. Activities will take place 24 hours a day during each weekend closure. Upcoming works are planned in early and late July 2021, with further rail corridor closures planned.

Construction activities include:

  • Service investigation and installation of monitoring equipment
  • Earthworks and installation of stormwater drainage and utility services
  • Excavate, install steel and pour concrete to protect existing bridge piers
  • Constructing railway infrastructure including tracks and overhead lines including the use of rail tamping machines, resulting in intermittent high levels of noise
  • Decommissioning, testing and maintenance of existing rail signalling.

Works within the rail corridor are scheduled at times when access to the Queensland Rail corridor can be
managed to ensure the safety of workers and the public. There will be changes to the way you travel during
this time.

Should there be any unexpected weather or ground conditions, these works may be rescheduled.

Map of work area and access points to rail corridor.


What to expect

During these works you may notice:

  • Increased vibration, dust and noise. You may experience intermittent medium to high levels of noise
  • Use of construction machinery and equipment including excavators, trucks, tamping machines, specialised rail equipment and hand tools
  • Increased construction vehicle movements on local roads and within the railway line to deliver concrete, plant, materials and equipment
  • Work site and task specific lighting that will be directed away from residential properties
  • General construction activities.

Construction vehicles and machinery will enter and exit the rail corridor through Queensland Rail access gates at O’Keefe Street, Kent Street, Martin Street, Harrogate Street, Sampson Street and through the Boggo Road work site.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: