Pedestrian and cycle bridge construction update

The new pedestrian and cycle bridge at Boggo Road is starting to take shape. During the April extended rail closure, work to construct the bridge will continue with the team installing bridge girders and cable stays. This work will take place between Friday 7 and Thursday 27 April.


Pedestrian and cycle bridge construction update

Work completed to date – 2023

  • 2022: Early work including site establishment and start ground strengthening work.
  • Mid-January: Ground strengthening work including piling and earthworks was completed. The team completed 46 piles and drilled to a combined length of approximately 975 metres.
  • Late-January: Two pylons arrived at site, measuring 46-metres high and weighing 54-tonnes. The team fabricated multiple segments on site to build each pylon.
  • Late-February: Team successfully installed the pylons which now tower above the rail bridge. Capable of holding 5,000-tonnes of force, pylons are the primary support structure for the bridge which will hold the bridge segments and cables in place.
  • Early-March: Pier construction on both the eastern and western sides of the bridge progressed, and the first piece of structural steel installed. The bridge support beam connecting the girders to the piers has also been installed. It weighs approximately 12-tonnes and will hold the cables in place.
  • Mid-March: An 800-tonne crane lifted the first bridge girders into place.


Looking up at the pedestrian cycle bridge pylons rise 46 metres in the sky.

Upcoming construction activities during April

To safely install bridge girders in close proximity and over the rail corridor no trains can be operating. To complete these works safely and efficiently, there will be an extended track closure from Friday 7 April until Thursday 27 April. Construction activities during this time will include:

  • Installation of bridge girders via the Kent Street worksite
  • Delivery of equipment and materials via Boggo Road, Joe Baker Street and Peter Doherty Street (including night works)
  • Use of cranes, concrete pumps and other large machinery
  • Use of hand tools


Stages of Construction

Digital render of the future bridge.

  1. Pier construction commenced in late 2022 and early 2023. Construction included earthworks, piling, structural reinforcement, concrete pouring, and installation of the outrigger beam.
  2. Bridge pylons were installed in late-February. Pylons are the primary support structure for the bridge.
  3. Five girder segments will be installed during March and April. These bridge segments form the future pedestrian and cycle platform.
  4. Cable stay installation will occur in April. Cables attach from girder segments and outrigger beams to the pylons. Cables suspend the bridge above the freight flyover and rail network.
  5. Bridge fit out is the final stage. Preparation for public use includes canopy, railing, light and signage installation.

Construction will be ongoing throughout 2023.

During construction, you may notice:

  • Pedestrian and cycle bridge construction hours are 24 hours, seven days a week. This includes work during weekend rail corridor closures.
  • Construction activities may generate increased levels of noise, dust and vibration, and will be mitigated onsite where possible.
  • Construction vehicles travelling to and from the worksite and deliveries of equipment and materials will be via Boggo Road, Joe Baker Street and Peter Doherty Street, Rawnsley Street, Railway Terrace, Dutton Street and Kent Street.
  • Temporary closures of local streets including Kent, Joe Baker and Peter Doherty streets.