Were you at the 1986 opening of the Brisbane Transit Centre?

We’re reminiscing about the Brisbane Transit Centre’s opening, as we prepare for demolition…

Spot anyone you know? Check out this video and the information below, to see if you can help with our search to find people who attended the launch of the Brisbane Transit Centre.

Demolition works at Hotel Jen have commenced, marking the beginning of the end for the Brisbane Transit Centre as we know it.


Commonly regarded as the ugliest building in Brisbane, the Brisbane Transit Centre was considered to be ‘state of the art’ when it first opened in 1986.

When the Hotel opened in 1986 it was known as the Brisbane Travelodge and was described as an ‘oasis of peace and tranquility’ with elegant surroundings and maximum comfort.

The Hotel later became the Holiday Inn and then in 2012 became Hotel Jen.

Once the now vacant building is demolished the works will start on the East and West Towers with the Brisbane Transit Centre proper likely to be demolished in March or April this year.

Before the Transit Centre is gone forever we’d love to find some of the people who were at the opening event back in 1986 and have them join us for the ceremonial swing of the sledgehammer.


Were you there in 1986? We want to hear from you!

  • Do you have fond memories of staying in the Roma Street Travelodge?
  • Were you at the grand opening of the Brisbane Transit Centre?
  • Were you in the Mascot suit?
  • Perhaps you were one of the dancers in the leg warmers?

Share your memories with us we’d love to hear from you!

We might even get back in touch with you to find out more about your story.