Trainee Guide Dog Samantha joins Cross River Rail head office

We’re excited to have a new team mate at our head office!

Samantha is a five month old Labrador puppy, who is training to be a Guide Dog with our Program Support Officer, Simone and Guide Dogs Queensland. Simone describes Samantha as “a sassy pup, who prefers to pursue her own interests.”

They attend training once a week, either one on one with a Guide Dogs Queensland educator, or with other pups from Samantha’s litter, who are also being trained.

As part of Samantha’s detailed training program, she’ll be joining the Cross River Rail office from time to time, learning to be a patient, quiet and attentive pup.

Having Samantha in the office is also a learning curve for Cross River Rail colleagues who are having to refrain from pats and hugs each time we spot her!

Trainee Guide Dog Samantha with a Cross River Rail hard hat

Being in an office environment is an important part of the dog’s training journey – getting used to all the things they may experience once working as a qualified guide dog. Commuting, working in busy and varied environments and of course not being distracted by well meaning pats and attention, are all things they have to take in their stride.

We’re doing our best to follow the rules to ensure Samantha completes her training with flying colours.