Take a trip through time these school holidays

Calling all Future Travellers!

The Cross River Rail Experience Centre is offering Future Travellers the chance to dig deeper, and explore the future of travel to, from and through Brisbane.

Discover everything you want to know about building Brisbane’s new underground, ignite your imagination with the interactive displays and exhibitions, take part in hands-on engineering challenges, and see the tunnels and stations with virtual reality tours.

The Science of Tunnelling exhibition explores the engineering required to dig underneath the Brisbane River, what happens to the rock dug out and how the workers get down to the tunnels.

Hear the project’s senior engineers explain the tunnel’s design and how it is being built, inspect geological samples and learn all about the giant tunnel boring machines (TBMs) digging the twin tunnels.

Explore the centre at your own pace or use the interactive guides – a Future Traveller passport or Investigator Manual. Or build your own engineering marvel at the Maker Space and see the new underground stations in life-size detail in the Reality Theatre.

The exhibits, challenges and activities are free and available throughout the school term, weekends and school holidays.

Schools and parents can get involved online or make a trip into the Cross River Rail Experience Centre.

The Cross River Rail Experience Centre located at Level 1, 151 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane and is open during the week, except Tuesdays and public holidays, between 10am to 4pm, and on the weekend from 10am to 2pm.