School holiday fun at the Cross River Rail Experience Centre

The Cross River Rail Experience Centre is your one-stop shop for school holiday fun this winter, with the centre hosting a range of fun and educational activities for all ages during the June/July break.

Kicking off from 22 June, the program lets children flex their creative muscles by creating public art masterpieces, building their own future developments, or becoming coding masters and programming mini robots.

Located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, the Cross River Rail Experience Centre is a community engagement and education hub developed in partnership with Queensland Museum.

It provides detailed project information, digital engagement experiences including VR, and learning opportunities for visiting members of the public.
All the activities are free, however some require a booking. Dates and times, as well as booking details, can be found on the Experience Centre website.

Check out the full list of winter school holiday activities:

Book-in sessions (bookings required)

Train Innovator

Through this fun and engaging STEM program, learn new STEM skills and solve real-world problems. Find out how the Cross River Rail network of trains operates and functions, using robotics and coding. Use “Design Thinking” and develop innovative solutions using a range of STEM skills including 3D design, coding, wireless communication and robotics.

Cartoon drawing of a robot.


Cartoon drawing of a bee hovering over a hive.
Bee Green

Our city is home to people, plants and animals, including some of the smallest but most important in our ecosystems: bees. From your garden to the Green Spine in the CBD, we can help bees by having flowering plants and providing shelter. Bee ready for this exciting activity where you can watch a beekeeper at work, taste honeycomb, and make a native bee hotel to take home.


Drop-in sessions (No booking required)

Macrame Madness

The Green Spine along Albert Street will be a tree-lined, sub-tropical public plaza. Bring the benefits of greenery to your own home by creating a macrame potholder.

Cartoon drawing of pot plants hanging from macrames.


Cartoon drawing of a ladybug under a magnifying glass.
Crazy Critters

Come on a treasure hunt to find the crazy critters hidden in one of the station artworks and create your own artwork full of crazy critters.


Bountiful Blooms

Imagine all the artworks in the world that feature flowers. Many of our station artworks have flowers – some are sculpted, some are printed and some are collaged. Come and explore what ideas and emotions can be expressed through flowers and create your own artwork with collage.

Cartoon drawing of flowers in full bloom including a sunflower and a tulip.


Cartoon drawing of two kangaroo faces. One kangaroo is wearing blue sunglasses and a hat, and the other one has a pencil drawing on it.
Line of Roos

Through storytelling and art, join a mob of kangaroos as they tackle challenges. Explore how colour and scale can be used in artworks to convey feelings and tell stories, then use your newfound knowledge to create your own mob collage.


Lego City Build

Build your own future development! Become an urban planner and design the new Albert Street precinct. From streets, transport, trees and buildings of different shapes and sizes, how will you bring your city to life using only Lego?

Cartoon drawing of a Lego brick with arrows pointing away from it to indicate the idea of building out and up.


Cartoon drawing of an elevator.
Elevator Challenge

Our tunnels and some of our stations are a long way underground. We need to lift equipment down into and up out of our deep construction sites. In this challenge you can design and build a model elevator and test how strong it is.


Puzzle Mania

Settle down in a quiet corner of the Experience Centre and bring our train stations to life by tackling a range of jigsaw puzzles based on the designs of the stations. There are puzzles for all ages.

Cartoon drawing of puzzle pieces coming together.


Cartoon drawing of a small robot with a translucent ehad and a motherboard can be seen through this dome.
Coding Ozobots

Come along to learn the basics of coding with the world’s cutest robots! Starting with pre-programed moves, find out how the Ozobots use sensors, and then create your own code and test it on an Ozobot.