MAJOR MILESTONE: Brisbane’s new underground making tracks

Rail tracks are lying deep underneath Brisbane for the first time in the city’s history, after the first section of rail was installed in Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels.

Installation commenced from just south of the future Albert Street station, and is headed towards the Brisbane River and future Woolloongabba station.

Currently progressing at around 50-100 metres a day, the 40-strong track installation crew will fit out the project’s 5.9-kilometre twin tunnels with around 25 kilometres of rail over the next 12 months, creating Brisbane’s first below-river rail crossing in the process.

Image of workers laying rail in the tunnels.


Unlike surface tracks where rails are laid on top of sleepers and ballast (or rocks), rail in the tunnels is placed on concrete blocks, which are then embedded into the underlying concrete slab.

While track installation is underway below the CBD, rail has also arrived at the project’s northern tunnel entrance at Bowen Hills, with fit-out set to start there later in the year.

Track in the Cross River Rail tunnel.